The sowing of winter wheat is fast being brought to a close throughout the north of England; a more propitious seed time has not been known for years.

The death of Mr. WYNDHAM, occasions a vacancy in the representation of that city. Mr. BOUVERIE, second son of Lord RADNOR, is named as a probable candidate, but the Conservatives will not permit the seat to be wrested from them. They have strength to hold it, and will of course act up to the emergency.
Mr. WYNDHAM sat as a representative of Salisbury since 1818.
The Queen will entertain a succession of distinguished guests at Windsor Castle during the ensuing week. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Michel of Russia is expected to arrive at Windsor, upon a visit to Her Majesty, on Monday next. The distinguished foreigners in the suit of his imperial highness will accompany the Grand Duke.
On Wednesday morning, her Majesty started from Windsor Castle to Cambridge. At the various places on the road, the most loyal demonstrations were made to welcome the Queen and Prince Albert.
On her arrival after various addresses had been read, and presented, her Majesty, accompanied by Prince Albert and her suite, proceeded to the King’s College Chapel, where the service of the Church was preformed, after which her Majesty and her Royal Party returned to Trinity Lodge. The town was superbly illuminated in the evening.