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At the Workington police Court on Wednesday, Thomas TRAINER,  labourer,
Workington, was charged with having stolen a piece of ham, the  property of Charles
James FOX, provision dealer, on Saturday night last.

Prosecutor stated that on the night in question the defendant came into his  
shop, took hold of a piece of bacon, and inquired the price of it. Witness
went  to him and weighed the piece of bacon. Prisoner requested witness to lay
the  piece of bacon aside and he would send his “missus” for it. Witness then
saw a  piece of ham in a bag which the prisoner carried, and told him that it
was his.  Prisoner denied this and stated that he got it at another shop.

Witness then sent for a policeman and the prisoner laid down a two-shilling  
piece and told witness not to bother him.

Margaret CREEDIE, of Workington, said she was in the prosecutor’s shop on  
Saturday night. She saw prisoner looking at some pieces of bacon. He took up a  
piece of ham and put it in his bag. He then went up to Mr. Fox and inquired
the  price of a piece of bacon that was lying on the counter.

Mr. FOX missed the piece which the prisoner had put into his bag and  accused
the prisoner of stealing it. Prisoner denied the theft and said he got  it at
another shop.

Police -constable MITCHELL deposed that he apprehended the prisoner on the  
charge. When witness charged him with stealing the ham prisoner replied that he
 took it but not with the intention of stealing it.

Prisoner was fined 30s. Including costs; in default, a month’s imprisonment  
with hard labour.