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Very English in its simplicity was the welcome home which Sir  Garnet
WOLSELEY received at Dover on Saturday and in London; but the gallant  general knows
well that the crowds that greeted him with so much enthusiasm,  though with so
little obstentation, represented the deep gratitude and cordial  admiration
of his countrymen.

 He has done the work which was entrusted to him with an address, a  
thoroughness, and a finish, which have exacted the eulogies of the most capable  of
foreign military critics; and now that he has returned to England, we may be  
certain that the sense of the fulness with which his services are appreciated,  
and the very warm feeling which is entertained towards himself, by his  
countrymen of every class, will be far more highly prized by him than any or all  
the honors which will be freely rendered to his distinguished merits.