On Saturday an accident occurred at the level crossing known  as Mill
Crossing, near Silloth. The house at the Crossing is occupied by Joseph  REED,
platelayer, and his son, a boy of about twelve years of age, was engaged  in opening
the gate about the time of 9.45 a.m. passenger train being  due.

He had, however, been too late in commencing the work, and  when he got one
gate opened and was in the act of opening the other the train  came up. The
driver observing how matters stood at once shut off the steam and  reversed his
engine, making every endeavour to stop short of the obstruction.  His efforts
to do so however were futile, and the train dashed into the gate,  causing it
to strike the lad, and injuring him severely about the  head.

On the train being brought to a standstill the men in charge  of it went back
and carried the boy into the house, and on arrival of the train  at Silloth
medical assistance was sent for and Dr. JOHNSTONE was speedily in  attendance.
The boy is now progressing satisfactorily.