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In the month of December, 1879, £300 in bank notes, the  property of a cattle
dealer, was stolen from a bedroom at the Red Lion Hotel,  Carlisle, during
the temporary absence of the owner.

In the month of February following a man named James GREY,  described as a
coach builder, of Edinburgh, was, along with two other men, named  BURNS and
ANSON, charged with being implicated in the robbery. The case was  partially
investigated before the magistrates with the result that the charge  against ANSON
was dismissed, and the further hearing of the case against the  other two
prisoners adjourned for a few days.

GREY and BURNS each deposited £200, and entered into their own  recognizances
for £200 for their appearance. During the interim, however, GREY  
disappeared, forfeiting his bail, and a warrant was granted for his  apprehension.

No evidence was offered against BURNS, and he was discharged.  Nothing more
was heard of GREY until a few months ago, when a man answering his  description
was stated to be in custody at Berlin on a charge of being  implicated in a
diamond robbery. It appears, however, that the charge cannot be  substantiated
against him, and it is now intended to bring him to Carlisle to  answer the
charge of robbery from the Red Lion Hotel.

A few days ago the chief of the Carlisle police proceeded to  Berlin, and on
Saturday afternoon he telegraphed that he had identified the man  in custody
as GREY.