On Tuesday night a young man named Thomas MILLER, residing in  Mount
Pleasant, was killed in the yard at William Pit.

 The deceased was employed there as a wagoner, and was letting a  railway
truck filled with coal out from under the screens when he was caught  between the
truck and one of the columns which support the screens. His head and  chest
were completely crushed, and before Dr. M’LAUGHLIN, (assistant to Dr.  LUMB)
arrived he expired.

 The inquest was opened at Mr. Hamilton DIXON’s, the Royal Standard  Hotel,
on Wednesday afternoon, and was adjourned for the attendance of Her  Majesty’s
Inspector of Mines.



On Monday afternoon last, an accident occurred to a wagoner in  William Pit

 A young man named RICE, whilst attempting to “sprag” a wagon, fell  with
his arm partly on the rail. Several of the wagons passed over his arm  stripping
the flesh off. Dr. LUMB was soon in attendance. It is feared that the  arm
will have to be amputated.