The members of the above Society, sat down on Wednesday night to  an
excellent repast, prepared by Miss. A. RIGBY, Refreshment-rooms,  King-street.

 Mr. G. WARWICK occupied the chair, and Mr. L. W. PHILPOT, secretary,  the
vice chair.

 The Chairman made a short speech, in which he alluded to the  flourishing
condition of the Society, and the success which had attended it  since its
formation. He also drew attention to the great want of a bicycle track  in
Whitehaven, and trusted some kind gentlemen would allow the society the use  of ground
for this purpose. The society now numbers 56 fully paid-up members;  and no
less than 6 machines had been issued out of the fund subscribed to by the  
members for that purpose.

 The Secretary, Mr. L. W. PHILPOT read the statement of accounts which  
showed a balance of £8 19s 9d.

 The election of officers were then proceeded with, afterwards singing  was
indulged in by the members, and the usual loyal toasts were drunk.