Ulverston Workhouse Christmas Treat

As usual on Christmas-Day, the inmates and children of the Ulverston Union Workhouse were regaled with :the good old English fare" of roast beef, plum pudding, and ale, and after dinner a quantity of snuff and tobacco was distributed to the adults, from a fund raised by a subscription among the ratepayers.  The dining halls were neatly decorated with appropriate mottoes and designs suitable to the occasion, and afterwards the officers and friends, who had assisted at carving, partook of a substantial dinner in the Board room.  The following presents were sent for the inmates:  Mrs. Kennedy, to the old men, is each, and the old women, 1/4 lb. tea and 1 lb, sugar each; Mrs. Askew, by Mrs. Pickering, a quantity of scarfs and other useful articles to the children;  Mr. Ripley, one box of oranges.