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The driver of the cart in which MR. WALSH, manager, and MR. TYDD, assistant of the National Bank were fired at a few nights ago near Nenagh, has become dangerously ill.
He is quite delirious.  Hopes are entertained that MR. Walsh and MR. Tydd will recover.  Two men have been arrested on suspicion.
On Sunday night a serious collision took place between the police and the people in Limerick.  Two men were being conveyed to the station for drunkenness, when a crowd collected and attempted their rescue.  A serious melee ensued, in which the police were roughly used, the sergeant having been knocked down and deprived of his sword and baton.  They, however, succeeded in taking their prisoners to the barracks.  An investigation is pending.
Sir Thomas Burke announces that he has received a letter threatening him if he persists in his advocacy of Captain Trench's candidature for the representation of Galway.
The outrage reported to have occurred near Ballymote, county Sligo, the other night, was not of an agrarian character.  That is took place at all is doubted by the authorities in the neighbourhood.