Despatch, OGLE
John and Mary, HASTIE, Annan
                                  ARRIVED - 25
Royal Victoria, HUDSON
Newcastle, BURTON
Mary and Helen, CROSS, Liverpool
                                  ARRIVED - 26
James Ridden, BECK, St. John
Neptune, NEILSON
John, IRVING, Annan
                                  ARRIVED - 27
John and Mary, HASTIE, Annan
Sarah and Isabella, BLACK, Water of Urr
Eden, GLOVER, Glasgow
                                  ARRIVED - 28
Agnes, QUAYLE, Dalhousie
Swan, POOL, Glasson Dock
                                  ARRIVED - 29
Ann and Mary, LOMAS, Annan
Primrose, HUGHES, Preston
Newcastle, BURTON, Liverpool
                                  ARRIVED - 30
Royal Victoria, HUDSON, Liverpool

SAILED - October 23

Mary Ann, SCOTT, Scottcoals, Dumfries
Rosina, WRIGHT, general goods, Glasgow
New Importer, STOREY, coals, Duddon
               - 24
Shirleywich, RADCLIFFE, coals, Dumfries
               - 26
Miss Douglas, DAVIDSON, general goods, Dublin
Mary, IRVING, coals, Greenock
Susan, WRIGHT, coals
John and Mary, HASTIE, coals
Ann and Mary, LOMAS, coals, Annan
Royal Victoria, HUDSON, goods and passengers
Newcastle, BURTON, goods and passengers, Liverpool
                - 27
Neptune, NEILSON, coals, Annan
Swift, WAINMAN, alabaster, Lancaster
                - 29
John, IRVING, coals
John and Mary, HASTIE, coals, Annan
Tepsic, WILSON, alabaster, Liverpool
Sarah and Isabella, BLACK, coals, Kirkcudbright
Ann and Mary, LOMAS, coals, Annan
Newcastle, BURTON, goods and passengers, Liverpool


Mary Ann, PARKIN, Wigtown
Favourite, MILLICAN
William and Sarah, MARTIN
Cottager, BENN, Belfast
Lady Ellen Stewart, STEWART, Garliestown
                                             - October 27
Lady Maxwell, M'MILLAN, Kirkcudbright
                                             - October 29
New Union, DALZELL, Dumfries
Jean, M'LEAN, Wigtown
Woods, COLLINS, Lancaster
                                             - October 30
John and Ellen, ROBERTS, Dumfries
Newtor, CLARK, Pembroke

SAILED - October 26
Ocean Child, GLAISTER, Liverpool
Breakwater, REAY
Jean, STITT, Dumfries
Wellington, LATTIMER
Terry, GLAISTER, Dublin
Favourite, MILLICAN, Belfast
                - October 27
Ann, WOOD, Dumfries
                - October 29
Raker, NICHOLSON, Duddon
Tartar, GRAHAM
William and Sarah, MARTIN, Belfast
Lady Maxwell, M'MILLAN, Kirkcudbright
New Union, DALZELL, Dumfries
Lady Ellen Stewart, STEWART, Wigton
                 - October 30
Mary Ann, PARKIN
Jean, M'LEAN, Wigtown
Woods, COLLINS, Dublin


Jane and Martha, M'DONALD, Belfast
                                                - October 25
Lord Ellenborough, CARNAGHAN, Gatehouse
Rob Roy, MITCHELL, Kirkcudbright
                                                - October 27
Industry, BROWN, Liverpool
                                                - October 28
Friends, BELL, timber, Chepstow
Susan, CONNING, Kirkcudbright
Autumn, INNIS, Dublin

SAILED - October 23
Senhouse, POTTS
Eleanor, BONE, Dublin
               - October 24
Jane and Martha, M'DONALD, Belfast
Ranger, POTTS
Dophin, RODHAM, Drogheda
Lowther, HAYTON, Dublin
               - October 25
Cherub, DITCHBURN, Dublin
               - October 26
Lord Ellenborough, CARNAGHAN, Kirkcudbright
Cocker (trader), AITKIN, Liverpool
                - October 28
Crown, STOTHARD, timber, Shoreham
Lord Ellenborough, CARNAGHAN, Kirkcudbright
                 - October 29
Industry, BROWN, Sligo
Hope, CHALMERS, Wigtown
                 - October 30
Susan, CONNING, Kirkcudbright

The Hannah, GREGORY, from St. John's N.B., at Whitehaven on the 27th ultimo,
after a passage of 35 days - all well.  The Henderson, TWENTYMAN, would be
full in the lower hold on the 27th September.

The Paragon, SOUTHWARD, from Antigua and London, at Whitehaven on the 28th

The John Scott, ROBINSON, from Ichadoe and Liverpool at Whitehaven on the
28th ultimo.

The British Queen, KENNEDY, from Whitehaven, at Antigua on the 19th
September - all well, and would be ready to sail on her return about the
10th ultimo.

The Campbell, CAMPBELL, from Whitehaven, at Newport on the 10th ultimo, to
load coals for Grenada.

The Sarah Rawes, CLARK, from Dautzic for Whitehaven, cleared at Elsinoore on
the 13th ultimo.

The Fairie, WALSH, sailed from Whitehaven for Cardiff on the 22nd ultimo;
the Fancy  GAITSKELL, and the Elisabeth, ADAMSON, on the 24th;  the
Isabella, KELLY, and the Western Trader, GILPIN, on the 26th.

The Dykes, MELMORE, from Quebec for Annan, off Maryport on the 24th ultimo -
28 days passage;  all well.

The Mayflower, POOLE, from Whitehaven for Cardiff, put into Kingstown on the
23rd ultimo.

The Eclipse, EASTERBROOKE, and the Nimble, CALDBECK f**
Whitehaven, at Whitehaven on the 2*nd ultimo.

The Agnes, QUAYLE, from Restigouche for Carlisle, passed Whitehaven on the
26th ultimo - 28 days passage;  all well.

The Mercury, LANE, from Whitehaven, at Greenock on the 22nd ultimo.

The James Redding, BECK, from Quebec, at Annan on the 24th ultimo.

The Ladies' Adventure, DICKINSON, from Whitehaven at Cove of Cork on the
23rd ultimo.

The Agnes, SMITH, from Whitehaven, at Cardiff on the 18th ultimo;  the
Eliza, CLARK, the Comet, HEAD, the Catherine, CRENELL, and the Penryn
Castle, THOMAS, on the 19th.

LOUGHSWILLY, Oct. 17 - The Arion, GAMBLES, of and from Workington for
Mulroy, put in here to-day, having experienced very severe weather.  On the
12th, between the Point of Ayr and the Mull of Galloway, passed part of the
wreck of a vessel (supposed to be about 3  0 tons) consisting of two lower
beams, bulwarks and sails and several pieces of deck plank.

NEWFOUNDLAND, October 4 - The brig Ant, SHERIDAN, of Whitehaven, from St.
Thomas for St. John's N. B. was abandoned on the 26th ultimo, in lat 39,
long 65, having been struck by a sea and totally disabled on the 16th.  The
crew were taken off the wreck by the William Horatio, COOPER, arrived at
this port from Baltimore.

RED LION WHARF, London - Arrived from Newcastle on the 24th October, the
Tyne, CAPT. MUIRHEAD;  and on the 28th October, the Jana, CAPT. CARRILINE
                                                - Sailed for Newcastle on
the 26th October, the Thames, CAPT. SYKES;  and on the 31st October, the
                                                 - Loading to Clear on the
6th November, the Tyne, CAPT. MUIRHEAD;  and on the 9th November, the Jane,