CARLISLE MARKET, Saturday, January 27.

     We have again to report a good supply of grain in our market this morning, though far below the quantity exhibited for the last few weeks.  Wheat was in fair supply, and a good demand at fully last week's rates.  Barley not so hood, but a brisk and steady demand at our former quotations.  Oats likewise not so plentiful, though the quantity was quickly disposed of, without quoting any alteration in prices of this day week.  We noticed a few bags of rye, peas, and beans, but could not ascertain their selling prices, there having been little business done in that quarter,—The Potato market was well stocked with carts, and a lively and active demand continued until the whole was cleared off.   Prices remained stationary from last week, viz., 4d per stone, and two stones for 7½d.—The Butter and Egg Market again exhibited a good supply of those articles.  Prices opened at 11d per lb for butter, but towards noon, dealers becoming anxious to "sell up," readily accepted 10d and 9½d to effect their purpose, which was quickly needed to by purchasers.  Eggs continued selling at ten for 6d.—The Poultry Market weekly diminishes in supply.  The few geese and turkeys we noticed sold at, the former from 2s 6d to 4s 6d, the latter 3s to 5s a piece; ducks from 1s to 1s 3d; hens, 9d to 1s.—The Pork Market this morning presented a very bustling and business like appearance.  The number of carcasses exhibited being rather below the usual quantity, the demand was uncommonly brisk, at an advance of from 3d to 4d per stone over last week's quotations.  For neat small carcasses 4s 9d per stone was asked and readily given, and for others 4s 6d.  The market was entirely cleared about an hour after its starting.—The Pig Market did not contain so many of this tribe as on former weeks.  The demand was, however, brisk, and a good business effected at prices much the same as last week.  For superior breeds from 12s to 15s; and inferior and others from 5s to 9s.  This market was early cleared.—The Fish Market continues its usual seasonable supply of fish.  The several prices are as follow:—Skait 4d; haddocks 2d to 3d; cod 1d to 1½d; plaice 3d to 4d; soles 8d to 10d per lb; lobsters, 1s 6d to 2s; crabs 4d to 6d each, according to size; and shrimps at from 4d to 6d per quart.  Oyster remain at from 2s to 2s 6d per hundred.


     Wednesday, January 31.—Not withstanding the stormy and rough weather of last night, a goodly quantity of carts reached the market this morning.  Dealers started asking 4d and 4½d per stone for their "murphies," but, towards noon, they were glad to accept lower terms—3d and 3½ per stone being offered and taken.—Butter and eggs were rather scarce; the former opened at 11d, and continued so until towards noon, when 10d was offered and freely taken.  Eggs the same as on Saturday.


Prices of Game.—Hares, 2s to 2s 6d each; partridges 2s to s2 6d; and pheasants, 5s to 7s per brace.



Wheat, white     19s 0d to 21s 0d

             Red     18s 0d to 19s 0d

Barley                 9s 6d to 11s 6d

Oats, Potato,&c.  6s 3d to   7s 0d

Oats, common      5s 9d to   6s 3d

Rye                  13s 6d to 14s 0d

Beans               13s 0d to 14s 0d           

Peas                 13s 0d to 14s 0d



Flour per stone    2s 2d to 2s 4d

Oatmeal              1s 6d to 1s 8d

Barleymeal          1s 2d to 0s 0d

Potatoes per st.   3½d   to  4½d

Hams per stone   5s 3d to 6s 3d

Bacon filches    4s 10d to 5s 0d

Cocks & Hens      10d   to    12d

Chickens               6d   to      9d

Ducks                  15d   to    18d

Fresh Butter

per lb                     9d   to    11d

Eggs 10 to 11

for                         6d

Butter per firkin      37s to 30s 0d

Wool per lb             -d   to –d



Beef, per lb          4d to  6d

Mutton              3½d to 5½d

Veal                     0d to  0d

Pork                    6d to  0d


    Average price of grain per imperial quarter, according to the

    ispector's return:

Wheat, £2 11s 5¾; Barley, £1 8s 6d; Oats, £0 17s 7½d

                        Rye, £0 0s 0d; Beans, £0 0s 0d.


     Quantity sold in the market, as returned by the corn inspector.—Wheat 242 qrs. 3 bush.; Barley, 35 qrs. 5 bush.; Oats, 106 qrs. 7 bush.; Rye 0 qr. 0 bush.; Beans, 0 qrs. 0 bush.



MARYPORT, Jan. 26.

Wheat per bush             19s 0d to 21s 6d

Barley                           10s 0d to 11s 6d

Oats                               7s 9d to   8s 0d

Butter per lb                         8d to 9d

Eggs, 10 for                         1s

Potatoes, per stone               4d to 0d



Wheat per bush             19s 0d to 22s 6d

Barley                           11s 0d to 12s 0d

Oats                               6s 3d to   7s 0d

Butter per lb                         0d to 9d

Eggs, 10 for                         6d

Potatoes, per stone            3½d to 4d


NEWCASTLE, Saturday, January 27.—We had a good supply of wheat at market this morning from the neighbourhood, but the arrivals coastwise being exceedingly light the trade was steady, and a clearance was effected at the rates of this day se'nnight.  In foreign wheat there was little done; the holders show much confidence and firmness.  Rye is scarce, and enquired for at full prices.  The arrivals of barley this week are more liberal, for, in addition to the quantity noted above, some further shipments have got in and the sale is not so free as it was, but we do not quote any alteration in prices.  In beans and peas there is little doing.  Malt rather dearer, but in limited request.  The show of oats from the farmers today was only moderate, and they were cleared off at much about the rates of last week.  Flour, although in very limited supply, is a dull sale, and our extreme quotations are scarcely obtainable.

Arrivals during the week:—English; 495 qrs. whet, —qrs. rye, 915 qrs. barley, —qrs. malt, 180 qrs. oats,  —qrs. peas, —qrs. beans, and 336 sacks of flour.  Foreign:  557 qrs. wheat, —qrs. barley, —qrs. rye, —qrs. oats, —qrs. peas, —qrs. beans and — barrels of flour.



Wheat, Northumberland

White, per qr.                52s to 56s

Ditto red                        50s to 54s

Norfolk white                 55s to 57s

            Red                  52s to 54s

Berwick & Scotch            0s to   0s

Irish                                0s to   0s

Rye, Norfolk                  34s to 36s

Barley, Norfolk and

Suffolk malting,              36s to 37s

            Grinding            28s to 30s

Barley, foreign              32s to 36s

Malt, Norfolk, pale          50s to 60s

Oats, potato                   19s to 20s

            Common           17s to 18s

            Foreign feed       0s to   0s

Beans                           30s to 34s

Peas, boilers                 34s to 36s

            Grey or hog      30s to 32s

Flour, fine, per sack       41s to 42s

            Course             39s to 40s





Wheat per bush             18s 0d to 22s 6d

Barley                           10s 0d to 11s 6d

Oats                               6s 6d to   7s 3d

Butter per lb                    10½d to 11d

Eggs, 10 for                         6d

Potatoes, per stone            3½d to   4d



WAKEFIELD, Friday, January 26.—There is only a small supply of wheat in this day's market; the millers do not purchase freely, but the holders are very firm in demanding last week's prices.  Select samples of barley are taken off at full rates, but secondary qualities met a dull sale, and barely supported their former value.  Oats and shelling are more in demand than of late, at rather improved prices.  Beans must be noted 1S per qr. dearer.




Wheat, English

Red, per qr.                  47s to 56s

White red                      50s to 63s

Barley, English              31s to 38s

     Grinding                   30s to 32s

     Scotch                     0s to   0s

Oats, Potato and            0s to   0s

     Poland                     34s to 36s

Mealing, English

     per stone                 10½ to 11d

Shelling 26½lbs             21s to 24s

Malt per 6 bush.             39s to 41s

Beans, English              30s to 33s

Peas, white                   35s to 36s

     boilers                       0s to   0s


LIVERPOOL, January 30.—At today's market wheat met only a limited demand; holders, however, were very firm and prices were fully sustained.  Flour and oatmeal brought the rates of this day se'nnight with a slow sale.  Several parcels of mealing oats found buyers at 2s 7d to 2s 8d per 45 lbs.



Wheat, English, white

Per 70 lbs                     8s   4d to 8s 10d

Ditto red                        7s 10d to 8s 3d

Scotch, Welsh &

     Manx                         0s 0d to 0s   0d

Irish                                7s 4d to 7s 11d

Dantzig                           8s 0d to 8s 10d

Oats, English & Scotch

     Per 45 lbs.                  2s 7d to 2s 9d

     Irish                                        2s 5d to 2s 8d

Barley, English Malting

  Per imp. Qr.                      34s to 38s

Scotch & Irish do.

   Per 60 lbs.                    4s 6d to 4s 10d

Barley Feedings              3s10d to 4s   0d

Beans, English                               

   Per imp. Qr.                     33s to 36s

            Foreign                  33s to 35s

Peas, English                      26s to 40s               

   Foreign                            35s to 42s

Rye                                    26s to 30s

Malt per qr.                         56s to 63s

Flour, English

     Per 280 lbs.                   43s to 45s

     Irish                               40s to 43s

Oatmeal, English,

     Per 240 lbs.             22s to 22s 6d

     Irish                         20s to 22s 0d



Import of Grain for the week, ending Jan (?)


Wheat.             Oats                 Barley               Flour

Qrs.                  Qrs.                  Qrs.                  Qrs.

6,923                7,085                2,238                8,637

                             Oatmeal, 18,629 loads.


LONDON , Friday, January 29.—The quantity of wheat freshup by land carriage samples from the near counties was small this morning; but there being no improvement in the condition, factors were unable to establish any advance on previous terms.  The best parcels sold readily at the quotations of Monday last, but former rates were not so freely paid for secondary descriptions of which several runs remained undisposed of at the close of business.  There was rather an improved demand for duty paid foreign wheat, still the transactions were by no means extensive, the few country buyers who visited us refused to give the terms asked, and our own millers paying the same reluctantly; the sales made were at quite as high prices as those current eight days ago.  The operations in bonded wheat were unimportant, and quotations remained nominally unaltered.  Flour moved off tardily, but was no cheaper.  Though the display of barley samples was not so large as of late, the quantity on sale was more than equal to the demand, and only the best malting qualities commanded previous rates; distilling and grinding sorts were not pressed, however, and could scarcely have been bought cheaper than last week.  The plentiful arrival of Irish oats reported, afforded a large show of samples.  The transactions were somewhat checked by the high pretensions of sellers; still the sales were not unimportant.  English and Scotch corn excited less attention than Irish, but neither kind was cheaper.  Beans and peas hung heavily on hand, and scarcely supported their previous value.



Wheat, English, red                   42s to 58s

                        White               42s to 63s

            Northumberland               0s to  0s

            Irish, white                      0s to  0s

                        Red                    0s to  0s

Rye                                          20s to 23s

Barley, grinding                         30s to 31s

            Malting                          32s to 34s

            Chevalier                      34s to 37s

            Distilling                        32s to 33s

            Scotch                          30s to 32s

Malt                                          53s to 62s

Oats, English, feed                    18s to 21s

                        Potato               19s to 23s

            Scotch, common           20s to 22s

                        Potato               21s to 25s

            Irish, feed                     14s to 20s

            Poland                            0s to  0s

Beans, tick                                26s to 27s

            Harrow                          27s to 28s

            Pigeon                          30s to 32s

Peas, grey                                27s to 29s

            White boilers                 21s to 35s

            Maple                           28s to 30s




Town made                   45s to 50s

Country made               36s to 39s

Irish                                0s to   0s

Berwick & Scotch            0s to   0s



The following is the state of the averages, for the six weeks ending Jan. 20th.


            Wheat.             Barley.              Oats.                 Rye.                 Beans.               Peas.

Dec 16-            50s 9d              32s 0d              18s 6d              30s 0d              31s 6d              32s 4d

Dec 23-            50s 3d              32s 2d              18s 7d              29s 5d              20s 10d            30s 10d       

Dec 30-            49s 9d              32s 3d              18s 5d              31s 4d              30s 1d              31s 6d

Jan 6-   49s 10d            32s 7d              18s 3d              20s 8d              29s 5d              30s 7d

Jan 13- 50s 9d              33s 0d              18s 9d              33s 5d              29s 8d              31s 0d

Jan 20- 51s 8d              33s 7d              18s 9d              31s 7d              29s 6d              30s 2d


Aggregate Average of the six weeks which regulates the duty.


            Wheat  20s 0d               Oats       8s 0d               Beans    10s 6d

            Barley     6s 0d              Rye      10s 6d               Peas     10s 6d


Duty on Foreign Corn:—


Wheat  20s 0d               Oats       8s 0d               Beans   10s 6d

            Barley     6s 0d              Rye      10s 6d               Peas     10s 6d




Weekly Averages by the                                    Average from the corres-

Imperial Quarter, from the                                  ponding Gazette of last year,

Gazette , of Friday, Jan.                                     Friday. Jam/ 28. 1842.

26, 1844.


Wheat              51s 8d                                      Wheat              49s 3d

Barley               33s 7d                                      Barley               27s 8d

Oats                 18s 9d                                      Oats                 17s 0d

Rye                  31s 7d                                      Rye                  30s 4d

Beans               29s 6d                                      Beans               27s 10d

Peas                 30s 3d                                      Peas                 24s 4d







Report of the average price of corn and grain sold in the following counties, which govern the duty, from the Gazette of Friday, Jan. 26:—

                                    Wheat              Barley               Oats                 Rye

CUMBERLAND: 52s 3d              29s 9d               18s 6d              42s 8d

WESTMORLAND:          49s 2d              29s 4d              19s 1d              0s 0d

NORTHUMBERLAND:    52s 4d              32s 5d              19s 9d              29s 4d

DURHAM:                     53s 10d            35s 4d              21s 6d              0s 0d

LANCASHIRE:              50s 9d              29s 9d              17s 11d            0s 0d



NEWCASTLE , Tuesday, Jan. 30.—At our market this morning there was a splendid show of stock of all descriptions; the supplies were principally from the north, and the quality was first rate.  There was a brisk demand for all sorts, plenty of buyers and nearly all sold up.   Beasts, neat cutters, 6s to 6s 3d; large steers, 5s 9d to 6s; middling, 4s 5d to 5s 3d; inferior, 4s.   Pork, small, 5s; large, 4s to 4s 6d per stone.  Sheep of the first quality, is ahead below 6d; middling 4½d to 5d; inferior, 4d per lb. sinking offals.   Number shown—Beasts, 203; sheep, 2814; pigs, 256.


MORPETH, Wednesday, Jan. 31.—We had an average supply of beasts at our market today, the bulk of which were superior in quality, and there being a rather brisk demand, they met with a ready sale at somewhat higher prices.   The supply of sheep was moderate, the demand good, and prices higher than last week.  The pig market was well stocked with fat and lean prigs, and prices continue the same.   Pork from 4s 6d to 5s 3d per stone.

At per stone, sinking the offal.

Prime Beef        5s 9d to 6s 6d                Mutton              6s 0d to 7s 0d

Middling do       0s 0d to 0s 0d                Lamb                0s 0d to 0s 0d


LIVERPOOL , January 29.—The supply of cattle at market today was much the same as last week, with a small advance in price, and all sold.  Beef, 5½d to 6d; mutton 5½d to 6½d per lb.

Cattle imported into Liverpool , during the week ending Jan. 29.

Cows                Calves              Sheep               Lambs              Pigs                  Horses

1182                 24                    3797                 16                    5504                 16


SMITHFIELD CATTLE MARKET, Monday, Jan. 29.—For the time of year we had a full average supply of beasts on offer as to numbers, while, compared with that of several preceding weeks, there was an evident improvement in the general quality of the Scots, short horns, and Devons.   The attendance of both town and country buyers was, on the whole, numerous, but owing to the large arrivals of slaughtered meat up to Newgate and Leadenhall, and the low figures obtained there, as well as in most of the local markets, the beef trade was in for a sluggish state.   However, the prices obtained on this day se'nnight—those of the best Scots ruling from 3s 10d to 4s per 8 lbs.—were well supported, though some difficulty was experienced on the part of the salesmen in effecting a clearance.   The Norfolk droves of beasts—those for this morning's market amounting, in number, to about 830—are now beginning to attract considerable attention. Those which have, as yet, been transmitted hither show a great degree of care and skill in feeding, and we have the best authority for stating that they carry more than the usual quantity of internal fat; and this, too, notwithstanding the prevalence of the epidemic.   Several cases of that disease were observed today; but, in the aggregate, none of a very serious character.  From Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, we received about 700 short burns; from the western and midland districts, 600 Scots, Devons, runts, Herefords, &c.; from other parts of England, 200 of various breeds; and, from Scotland, by steamers 220 horned and polled Scots.  The numbers of sheep, though not large, were fully adequate to meet the wants of the butchers.   Prime old Downs sold steadily; Kents, half breds, &c., slowly at last week's quotations.   There were about 100 shorn sheep, and 59 lambs on offer; but, their quotations were very uneven.   The numbers of calves were small, while the sale for them was active, at full currencies.   In pigs a good business was doing, at late rates.   No importations of foreign stock have been reported since our last.


Number of Cattle at market:  Beasts, 2,744; Sheep, 20,170; Calves, 83; Pigs, 270.


Price per I lbs., sinking the offals.

Prime Beef        3s 10d to 4s 0d               Mid. Mutton       3s 2d to 3s 6d

Second do        3s 0d to 3s 4d                Inferior do         2s 10d to 3s 0d

Inferior do         2s 8d to 2s 10d               Veal                  4s 0d to 5s 0d

Prime Mutton     4s 0d to 4s 4d                Pork                 3s 0d to 4s 2d



A Statement and Comparison of the supplies and prices of fat stock, exhibited and sold in Smithfield Cattle market, on Monday, Jan. 30, 1843, and on Monday, Jan. 29, 1844.

At per 8 lbs. to sink the offals.


                                                Jan. 30, 1843.                Jan. 29, 1844.

Coarse and inferior beasts         2s 10d to 3s 0d               2s 8d to 2s 10d

Second quality do                      3s 2d to 3s 4d                3s 0d to 3s 4d

Prime large oxen                       4s 0d to 4s 2d                3s 6d to 3s 8d

Prime Scots &c.                                    4s 0d to 4s 2d                3s 10d to 4s 0d

Coarse and inferior sheep          2s 10d to 3s 0d               2s 10d to 3s 0d

Second quality do                      3s 2d to 3s 4d               3s 0d to 3s 6d

Prime coarse woolled do            3s 6d to 3s 8d                3s 8d to 3s 10d

Prime Southdown do                  3s 10d to 4s 2d               4s 0d to 4s 4d

Large coarse calves                   4s 2d to 4s 10d               4s 0d to 4s 8d

Prime Small ditto                        5s 0d to 5s 4d                4s 10d to 5s 0d

Large hogs                                3s 10d to 4s 4d               3s 9d to 3s 8d

Neat small porkers                     4s 6d to 4s 8d                3s 10d to 4s 2d




                        Jan. 30, 1843.                Jan. 29, 1844.

Beasts              2s 10d to 3s 0d               2s 8d to 2s 10d

Sheep               3s 2d to 3s 4d                3s 0d to 3s 4d

Calves              4s 0d to 4s 2d                3s 6d to 3s 8d

Pigs                  4s 0d to 4s 2d                3s 10d to 4s 0d



LIVERPOOL, January, 27.—SCOTCH.—There has been a decidedly better feeling in our market this week as regards all kinds of Scotch wool, and laid Highland has been sold as an advance on late rates.   White highland is also in request at much in demand at an advance likewise on late rates.  

Luid Highland Wool, per 24 lbs.                          8s 0d to 8s 6d

White do.          do.                                           11s 0d to 11s 9d

Laid Crossed     do. unwashed                            8s 9d to 9s 6d

Do. washed       do                                            9s 9d to 11s 6d

Do Cheviot white, unwashed do                          9s 0d to 11s 9d

Do washed                                                        12s 0d to 15s 6d

Cheviot white, washed                                        22s 0d to 24s 0d


            Import for the week                     144 bags

            Previously this year                    1648

                                                Total      1792


FOREIGN.—The stocks of all kinds being low, there is necessarily a limited business, but at rather increasing rates; besides the 650 advertised for the 9 th February, 200 bales of Entre Rios and Buenos Ayres are to be brought forward.


            Import for the week                     1555 bales

            Previously this year                      739

                                                Total      2294