Archdeacon RAYMOND has given fifty pounds to the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Mining and Manufacturing Districts.

     The French papers say that the Guizot ministry will be upset upon a question of railways !  This is a new method or "railing a minister out of office!"     

     Mr. Thomas DICKENSON , game keeper to Wm. ORD, Esq., M.P., found a leveret at Whitfield Hall, last week, about the size of a mole.

     A clergyman in Essex has a son, only fourteen years of age, who is six feet three inches high, and stout in proportion, his foot measuring thirteen and a half inches in length.   Both his parents are below the average stature.—Chelmsford Chronicle.

     The late Marquis of Hastings, until last year, had not insured his life, or made any provision of such description.   In the month of March last his lordship was pressed upon this subject, when he immediately acquiesced, and in that month took out policies in the various offices for upwards of £90,000.

     Buckingham Palace is undergoing some extensive alteration and improvements, particularly in the wing appropriated for the use of the royal nursery.

     A prospectus has been issued of a plan for joining the five metropolitan railways in such a way as that the transit from one to the other will be effectually secured, and thus enable travelers by any one of them to reach the other with perfect facility and without the inconveniences now experienced in the changes from place to place.

     The late orange crop in Portugal is said to have been one of the finest that has been seen for a quarter of a century.   They are now sold in Lisbon market, of excellent quality, at eight a penny.

Mr. BARTHOLOMEW, the state porter at Dublin Castle, is about to retire, after 37 years service.   He opened and closed the portals on twelve vice-roys in his time, from the Duke of Richmond to Earl de Grey.

     In the Bail Court, on Saturday week, Mr. ATHERTON moved that an attorney might, at his own request, be struck off the roll, in order that he might be more entirely at liberty to pursue "philanthropical occupations."   The application was granted.

     In the Parish Church of Leeds during the year 1843, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered 77 times; 194 sermons were preached; 1,460 chapters of the Bible were read; 1,800 Psalms were said and chanted; and divine service was performed 1,095 times.

     We are informed that the collection of coins, &c., made by the late Mr. THOMAS, a London grocer, and about to be sold by Messrs. CHRISTIE and MANSON, is estimated to be of the value of from £60,000 to £18,000 .  Literary Gazette.

     An Eastbourne fishing boat caught off Beachey Head, on Tuesday night, 4,600 fine mackerel; a circumstance quite unprecedented.   They fetched no less than 25s per hundred, for the London Market— Brighton Guardian.

     James HARGRAVES, Esq., of Leeds, has just made a second donation of £1,000 to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, besides contributing £1,100 to the Centenary Fund.

     On Thursday se'nnight, at the village of Lockgilphead, Scotland, Peter CAMPBELL, a schoolmaster, murdered his aunt, by nearly severing her head from her body with a razor, and was seized whilst in the act of cutting his mother's throat.

     A gentleman in the neighbourhood of Ashborne had a bunch of full-blown violeta presented to him on New Year's day, which were gathered in the open fields, and in possession of the same fragrancy as if collected in the spring.

     The fourth anniversary of the marriage of her Majesty and his Royal highness Prince Albert will be celebrated by a public dinner, on Monday, the 12 th, instead of Saturday, the 10th of February, at Windsor.

     A mandamus was granted by the Court of Queen's Bench, on Wednesday, to compel the corporation of Wigan to pay Mr. ROGERSON, corner his arrears of fees.  The office of coroner in Wigan has been long in dispute.

     Mr. George ROBIN'S late sale of Bishop's Court Farm has demonstrated that, public confidence in the value of land is not much diminished.   The farm sold for £9,282, which is twenty nine years purchase!   Birmingham Advertiser.

     As the late Professor HAMILTON was one day walking near Aberdeen, he met with a well known individual of weak intellect.    "Pray," said the Professor, accosting him, "how long can a person live without brains?"   "I dinna ken," replied Jimmy, scratching his head, "how auld are ye yourself?"

     The merchants and brokers of London are disposed to make Saturday a light day for their servants, by closing business at earlier hours, and the bankers intend again mooting the question as respects the closing of their doors at four o'clock, instead of five.   The members of the Stock Exchange took the first decided step in curtailing the hours of business on a Saturday.

     Guano, it is stated, is not the dung of birds, but a fossil earth, found in considerable quantities in the small South Sea Islands, on the coast of Peru.

     On Tuesday, at mid-day, a fatal accident, by fire arms, occurred at Murton Row.   A youth named Peter HAYS, while playing with a loaded fun in an apartment by himself, had by some means or other discharged its contents, which lodging in his chest caused immediate death.

     By Treasury order of the 15th January, 1844, soap my be exported from Ireland to England in packages of and above 10 lb weight.   Formerly it was prohibited in packages containing less than 30 lb.

     The Marquis of Westminster has contributed £500 to the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the principles of the Church of England.

     The Augsburg Gazette contradicts the report of the death of Madame CATALINI, and adds that this celebrated and amiable lady is in perfect health.

     An influential meeting of the admirers of the Rev. Dr. Isaac WATTS was held at the King's Arms, in the Poultry, to consider the propriety of erecting a monument to his memory.   W.A. HANKEY, Esq., was called to the chair, and a subscription was opened.

     Several extensive coiners of counterfeit money have lately been apprehended in Liverpool.

     The diamonds and pearls in the crown of Queen Victoria are valued at £112,000.

     It is stated that the King of Hanover positively comes to England at the close of March, and, is supposed, will prolong his sojourn here till August.

     In 1765 there were only eight flats in use for the conveyance of merchandise on the Mersey and Irwell navigation, between Manchester and Liverpool.   There are now many hundreds.

     On Wednesday last, Thomas ACKROYD, Esq., manufacturer, of Clayton, advanced the wages of his fine handloom weavers 6 per piece on Parisian cloth, which will make a difference of 2s per week in a good workman's wages.

     The fishermen on the southern coast have been very successful, and immense numbers of boats have come in with good cargoes.   The last few day fine mackerel have been retailed in Brighton at 1s per dozen, and even at that low price some of the boats have earned £50 per night.   Her Majesty's brig Nautilus is cruising off Brighton, for the protection of the boats.

     The Marquis of Westminster is introducing the allotment system on his estate amongst the cottage tenantry.   The allotments consist of a quarter of an acre each.  We hope the example will be followed.

     Mr. PALMER (formerly of Nottingham, the converted comedian), on Sunday week, preached a sermon, in the Independent Chapel, Mansfield, to a numerous and attentive audience.

     The Gateshead Observer states that the corporation of London intend to apply to parliament, next session, for a new tax of 5d per ton on coals, for improving the streets of the metropolis.

     The only prisoner in Nantucket gaol has given the Sheriff notice, that unless the gaol is put in a more comfortable condition, he will go out.   The door, he says, has no latch, and he has hard work to keep himself confined.—Boston paper.

     The number of sudden deaths that have recently occurred at the east end of the metropolis lately is truly appalling.   Scarcely a day passes without an occurrence of this kind.  Within the space of fifteen days, no less than seventeen cases have been brought under the notice of the authorities.

     Sir Geo. STEPHEN has been for some time occupied in the task of analyzing the evidence taken by the West of Africa Committee, with a view to the expected discussion on slavery in parliament.

     At the Wiltshire Sessions, a man pleaded guilty on a charge of felony, when it was discovered that the indictment charged the prosecutor with the robbery, instead of the prisoner; the latter was of course acquitted.

     On Christmas day a pie was made by a baker in North Shields, for a customer containing 2 geese, 2 turkey's, 1 hare, 2 ducks, 2 pheasants, 4 brace grouse, 3 tongues, 4 stones of flour, and 18 lbs of butter; altogether weighing 11 stones.

     Dr. CHALMERS has received from Mrs. And Misses LENNOX of New York a draft for £500 in behalf of the India Mission of the Free Church.— Witness.

     We learn from good authority that her Majesty is about to create Lord WHARNCLIFFE and Earl.— Leeds Mercury.

     Tar, rubbed on rat or mouse holes, will immediately banish those vermin, but when it becomes dry it must be renewed.

     It may not be generally known that boiled nettles are an excellent thing for feeding and fattening ducks.

     In Russia there are upwards of thirty beet root sugar factories in full operation; this manufacture is also thriving in Germany.

     By a Board order dated 16th instant, all foreign fruits (whether plums or otherwise) preserved in white sugar, either in a dry or liquid state, are to be charge with the duty of 6d per lb. as imposed by the 5 th and 6th Vic. Chap. 47—"on succades and confectionary, including all fruits and vegetables preserved in sugar."

     Accounts from Palermo state that the number of deaths occasioned by burning lava, emitted at the late eruption of Mount Etna, amounts to 143, and are chiefly foreigners, amongst whom are many English, who were attracted to the spot by curiosity to witness this phenomenon of nature.   The damage done to the fields, vineyards, and cattle, is estimated at a million and a half ducats.

     A simple preventive from injury by lightning to corn and hay ricks, is that of merely putting an inverted broken bottle on the point where the thatch terminates; instead of which a spar or spiral pinnacle of reed is placed at the summit, both of which are, with the exception of iron, the best conductors of the electric fluid, and are the general cause of the accidents which occur from lightning; whereas glass and sealing wax are non conductors, and, therefore, repel the fluid instead of attracting it.