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It appears that the whole of the colliers in the St. Helen's district have now turned out, principally for an advance of wages, though there are other demands made by the men.   By means of credit given to them by shopkeepers,
and assistance from other quarters, the men expect to be able to hold out until the stocks of coal above ground are exhausted, or greatly diminished, and until many thousands of the workmen in manufactories and various other businesses, are thrown out of employment.

Advance of Colliers' Wages .—On Friday last, the colliers in the employ of the Earl of Balcarras returned to their work at an advance of 2s per score on the gitting of King coal and cannal in the Haigh Aspull Mines, and 1s per score on the drifts, 6d per score on pillars, and 1s per yard for cutting at the Arley Mines.   All the other collieries in his lordship's employ have, we are informed, received a proportionate advance of wages.  St. Helen's and Neighbourhood.—There are at present upwards of 5000 colliers out of employment; the men have issued and address, in which they appeal to the sympathies of the inhabitants of the town, and soliciting assistance.— Liverpool Mercury.