From the general election in July, 1841, to the month of February, 1844, there have been no less than 69 changes in the representation, or more than one tenth of the number of members.   Of these 23 have been unseated on petition namely, 20 Conservatives and 13 Radicals; 15 have died, namely, 7 Conservatives and 8 Radicals; 26 have retired, namely, 18 Conservatives and 8 Radicals; 16 Conservatives have been returned in the places of Radicals, and 11 Radicals in the places of Conservatives.   The Conservatives who succeed Conservatives are 23 in number; the Radicals who fill the places of their predecessors  of the same politics are 12 in number   In this list are included Tipperary and Sudbury, which are both vacant, and among the deaths, that of the late Sir Francis BURDETT.   The gain, on the whole, is five in favour of the ministerial side of the house.