Grain, &c.

WIGTON, Tuesday, Jan. 30.


                               Wheat……………17s……..0d to 21s 6d

                               Barley……………10s……..0d to 11s 6d

                               Oats……………….6s……..6d to    8s 0d

                              Rye………………...-s……..0d to     -s 0d

                              Beans……………...-s……..0d to     -s 0d

                               Potatoes, porst…………….3d to     3½d

Butter, 8d to 8½d per lb.

Pork, 4s 4d to 4s 6d per lb.

Weekly return of Corn sold in this market during the week ending Saturday, the 27th of January.


Total quantities,                                Price per qr.

                         Qrs.     Bush.               £   s    d

Wheat…………114        6                2   11  0¼

Barley…………  34        7                 1    7  8½

Oats…………….99        3                0   18  1

Rye………………0         0                 0   0  0



Average price per imperial quarter .

Wheat, 53s 10¾d; Barley, 30s 2½d; Oats, 19s 10d; Rye 0s 0d


Penrith Provision Market.  Jan. 30.

Bacon, per st……….0s      0d  to    0s  0d

Hams, dry…………..0s      0d  to   0s  0d

Pigs………………….7s      0d  to 10d   0d

Pork, per st…………4s     10d to    5s 0d

Butter, per flr………42s     0d to    0s   0d

Eggs 6 for                6d

Potatoes per stone              4d to         0d

Butter per lb………..           10½d to   11d

Hams, green, per stone 5s to 5s 6d—Geese, 3s 6d to 4s 3d.

George SLEK, Weigh Master





Workington, Jan. 31.


Wheat per bush          19s  0d   to  22s 6d

Barley                        10s 0d to 11s 6d

Oats                           6s 6d to 7s 0d

Flour per stone            2s 0d to 2s 4d

Oatmeal                       1s 8d to 0s 0d

Barley Flour                 1s 4d to 0s 0d

Potatoes per stone       4½d to 5d

Butter per lb                  12d to 0d

Eggs 20 for                   1s

Beef per lb                     4½ to 5d

Mutton                           4½ to 5d

Veal                               5d

Pork per lb                     4d


WHITEHAVEN, Feb 1.—Our market today has not manifested any briskness, and the supplies have only been limited. The prices of grain remain the same as last week.


Wheat per bush                 19s 0d to 21s 0d

Barley                               11s 0d to 11s 6d

Oats                                   6s 6d to    7s 3d

Beef per lb.                           4½d to         5d

Mutton                                     4d to        5d

Veal                                      4½d to        5d

Sparerlb                                   4d to     4½d

Fowls each                         1s 2d to    1s 4d

Flour per stone                    2s 4d to    2s 6d

Potatoes per stone                3½d to      4½d

Butter per lb                        10½d to         0d

Eggs                                        18 for      1s

Oatmeal per st                    1s 6d to    1s 8d

Good Hay                                4d to        5d

Straw                                   2½d to        3d

Cattle Turnips per ton             15s

Apples per stone                      0s             0d

Onions                                     1s


DUMFRIES , Wednesday, Jan. 31.—Wheat and oats in good demand, at a little rise upon last week


Wheat per bush                   6s 3d to    6s 9d

Barley                                 3s 0d to    3s 6d

Oats                                   2s 0d to    2s 4d

Flour per stone                    2s 0d to    2s 8d

Potatoes per stone                2½d to      3½d

Butter per lb                             6d to   0s 7d

Eggs per dozen                         6d to    0s 7d


MORPETH, Jan. 31.


Wheat per qr                     50s 0d to 55s 0d

Barley                               32s 4d to 34s 0d

Rye                                    0s 0d to   0s 0d

Oats                                 18s 8d to 20s 0d

Peas                                 32s 0d to    0s 0d

Beans                                  0s 0d to    0s 0d


NEWCASTLE PROVISION MARKET, Thursday, Feb. 1.—Cumberland Bacon, 5s 3d to 5s 4d per stone.   Hams, 0s 0d to 0s 0d; large ditto 5s 9d to 6s 8d.  Lard 5s 6d per stone.  Butter 44s to 0s 0d per firkin.  Eggs 0s 0d per hundred.  


NEWCASTLE HAY MARKET, Tuesday, Jan. 30.—Old Land Hay from £2 2s to £3 6s; New Land Hay £2 8s 0d to £10s per ton3   Wheat Straw is 3d to 1s 6d; Oat Straw is 3d to 1s 8d per threave.


HEXHAM, Tuesday, Jan. 30.


Wheat per qr                     52s 0d to 58s 0d

Barley                               28s 4d to 33s 0d

Oats                                 18s 0d to 22s 0d

Peas per poke                    0s 0d to   0s 0d


LONDON CORN EXCHANGE, Wednesday, Jan 31.—There was but little English wheat fresh up this morning.   The few samples that were left over on Monday found buyers at that day's currency.  In foreign there was but little passing; the trade are waiting the result of the Queen's speech.   Barley still very dull.  Malt without alteration.  Beans and peas in fair request at late rates.   The oat trade remains precisely as reported on Monday.  Those disposed to sell at last week's prices, found a fair sale; but most of the factors rejected the offers made by the dealers, who refused to give any advance.


 GLASGOW, Wednesday, Jan. 31.—There was an improved inquiry for oats today, and the sales made were at full prices.   Barley was more saleable at late rates.  The wheat trade firm, without much active business doing.


Wheat British

  Per 240 lbs                     27s 0d to 29s 0d

  Scottish                          26s 0d to 28s 0d

  Irish                                24s 0d to 26s 0d

  Foreign                           23s 6d to 29s 6d

Oats, Irish, per                  

  264 lbs                           14s 6d to 16s 3d

  British                             15s 6d to 16s 6d

Barley, English                    

  per 320 lbs                        0s 0d to   0s 0d

  Scottish                          23s 6d to 26s 6d

  Irish                                22s 0d to 24s 0d

Beans, English                                              

  per 4 bush                       16s 0d to 16s 6d

  Scottish                          15s 0d to 15s 6d

Peas, do                           16s 0d to 16s 6d             

Oatmeal, a boll                  

  of 40 lbs                         12s 6d to 15s 0d

Flour, a sack of

  280 lbs                           38s 0d to 45s 6d



DUMFRIES, Wednesday, Jan. 31.—Only three or four beasts in the market.   The supply of pigs moderate; prices generally from about 6s to nearly 10s.   the supply of pork was nearly 900 carcases.  This demand was good at a little advance upon last week's prices;   the best order gave from 4s 5d to 4s 7d, inferior and secondary from 3s 8d to 4s 4d.


GLASGOW, Monday, Jan. 29.—There were about 600 head of cattle at market, and out of this large supply possibly there were more of unexceptionable good cattle than ever was in our market.   At the commencement dealers demanded about 3d per stone less than at last day's market, but still buyers were shy, and almost no business was transacted till a reduction of 6d a stone was submitted to—notwithstanding some left unsold.   Sheep, it is said, have paid the feeder much better this season than cattle, and today they fetch former prices.  Of the following prices the highest quotation was only realized in tow or three instances:—Best stot(?) beef 8s to 8s 6d per tron(?) stone of 22½ lbs; middling, 7s to 7s 6d; cow do, 6s 6d; bull do, 5s.