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Port Carlisle

ARRIVED. January 25, Mary and Helen, Cross, Vallanelly, Mary, Irving, Bangor.   John, Dalgleigh, Liverpool, Newland, Irving, Annan.  26,  Caledonia Scott; Isabella, Dalrymple, Liverpool.  Swan, Pool, Maryport.  John, Irving, Annan.   27, Peace, Blaylock; Susan, Wright, Dumfries.   28, Ann Brown, Edger, Dumfries.  Endeavour, Rogerson, Liverpool.  30, Doddington, Henderson, Annan.


SAILED.—January 26, Newcastle, Burton, goods and passengers; Royal Victoria, Hudson, goods and passengers, Liverpool.   Jon and Mary, Hastie, coals, Annan.  Janet, Anderson, coals, Douglas.  Elizabeth and Mary, Faulder, coals, Lancaster.  26, St. Winifred, Smith, general goods; Neptune, Neilson, coals, Annan.   Blenkinsopp, Richardson, coals, Dublin, Rosina, Wright, general goods, Glasgow.  27, Shirleywich, Radcliffe, coals; Ann, Vevers, coals, Annan.  29, Doddington, Henderson, Ballast; Gamon, English, coals, Annan, Newland, Irving, coals, Douglas.   30,l Rebecca, Yeoman, general goods, Annan.

MARYPORT.—Arrived—January 24, Ocean Child, Glaister, Liverpool, Mary, Penny, Belfast.   25, Terry, Glaister, Dublin.  Thomas WILSON, Black, Kirkudbright.  Relief, Huddart; Betsy, Whatt; William and Sarah, Ferguson; Atlas, Garley; Hope, Kendal; Brothers, Shilton; Salus, Wilkinson; Margaret, Graham, Belfast.   Camellon, Wilson; James, Metcalf; Paragon, Wilkinson, Dublin.  26, Cottager, Benn; Mona, Tickle, Dublin.  Jessie STEWART, Sweeney, Wigtown.  27, John LOYDE, Mitchell, Wigtown.   Acorn, Bell; Trim, Grave, Belfast .  Sir William STAMER, Brough; Nancy, Little, Dublin.  28, Grace, Wilson, Dublin.  29, Trafalgar, Kennedy, Dublin.—SAILED, January 24.   Ann, Lowden; Wellington, Lattimer, Dublin, Hope, Garratt; John and Helen, Roberts, Belfast.  Sarah and Isabella, Black, Wigtown.   27, Ocean Child, Glaister, Liverpool.

WORKINGTON.—Arrived—Jan. 25, Delight, Graves; Ann, Blair; Fisher, Young, Dublin.   Mary, Carron, Whitehaven, Robert, Christian, Liverpool, Carriboo, M'Farren, Belfast.  26, Maggie LANDER, Cassidy, Dumfries.  Lowther, Hayton, Dublin.  Ann, Kirkhaugh, Drogheds.   Albion, Lace, Ramsey.   27, Senhouse, Potts, Dublin.  28.  Mary, Brown, Dublin.  Carrywell, Robinson, Belfast.  Friends, Bell; Jason, Wilson, Drogheds.—Sailed—none.

     The smack Alfred, from Ramsey, Isle of Man, laden with barley and oats, is on shore at the entrance of Workington harbour.   The vessel has a large hole in her bottom, and most of the cargo washed out of her.  It is feared she will become a complete wreck.

     The Dutch brig Aurora, from Rotterdam, laden with flax, bark, cheese, hides, apples, &c., on shore to the north of Workington harbour.   The cargo is now discharging, and it is feared she will become a complete wreck.

WHITEHAVEN—Arrived January 30, Ebenezer, Cowin, Belfast .  Nelly, Murphy; Pandora, Cowman; Caledonia, Eagleson, Dublin.  23, Ant, Sheridan, Dublin.  Robert SEYMOUR, Burton, Newry.  February 1, Ardent, Markey, Dumfries.—SAILED.—February 1, Mercury, Lane, Glasgow, Mary, Corkill; George, Sheridan; Fame, Crosthwaite; Asstrea, Dodd; Elizabeth, Wilson; Mary, Collier; Fortune, Coulthard, Dublin.   Mary Ann, Dorman, Killough.  Lady Adventure, Dickinson, Anegasso, Minerva, Comar; Brittannia, Fox, Wicklow, Betty, Kalghan, Peel.   Margaret, Gale, Douglas, Map, Corrin, Derbyhaven.   William PITT, Baggs, Malahide Aid, Barman, Newry.   Rosanna, Cuthbert, Bray.  Jane, Gateskill, Dundalk.  John CLEELAND, Douglas, Strangford.   Mary, M'Adam, Garliestown.  Sir P. MAXWELL, Frazer, Wigtown.

Red Lion Wharf, London.— Arrived from Newcastle on the 29th January, the Mildon, Capt. CLARK.—Sailed for Newcastle, on the 28th January, the Beaufort, Capt. HOPPER; and on the 1st February, the Jane, Capt. CARRILLE.—Loading to Clear , on the 7th February, the Merchant, Capt. JOHLING; and on the 10th February, the Times, Capt. ELLIOT.