LEEDS.—There was an extensive business done in both halls at Leeds last week, and in the warehouses a large and increasing business is daily going on.   The trade altogether in a satisfactory state of improvement.

BRADFORD.—The large buyers in Bradford market are now disposed to purchase on a large scale, and even to give some advance, but no anything to cover the advance on wool; but as the season is now at hand that purchases must be made, it is probable that something like remunerative prices will be obtained by the manufacturers.   Yarns met a very brisk sale.  A large business has been done in wool this week, and at still higher rates.

HALIFAX.—There was no new feature in the cloth market at Halifax last market day; it was in all respects similar to those of the last two or three weeks.   Prices and demand unchanged.

­ROCHDALE.—There was a good attendance of buyers at Rochdale last week, and about an average quantity of business transacted.   More pieces would have been sold, but the manufacturers could not afford to sell at former prices without a sacrifice, on account of the regular advance in the price of the raw material.   The wool market is much the same as on the previous market day, the demand good, and prices on the advance.

HUDDDERSFIELD.—There was a good attendance of buyers at Huddersfield market last week, and there was a brisk demand for all kinds of fancy goods suitable to the spring trade, especially in new styles or fabrics.   In plain cloths and pilots, also, there was a fair business done at previous rates.  The wool market was active, and prices firm, especially for middle and inferior qualities.

LEICESTER.—At Leicester wool remains very firm, at the advanced prices spoken of last week, and many growers are now not content unless they have a further advance of three or four shillings; but the state of the market does not warrant this.   Yarns remain firm, and, indeed, have slightly advanced; but little business is doing at the last advance.  The general trade continues much the same as last week.

NOTTINGHAM.—The silk glove trade is brisk in the vicinity of Nottingham, though not particularly active in the town itself.   There has been, for some weeks past, a little activity in the silk knotted branch, but it is again on the decline.   In the cotton hose branch the hands are generally tolerably well employed.   There is little or no improvement in the fancy hosiery trade, and the drawer branch has, we think, improved a shade.

MANCHESTER. Tuesday.—The advance in the price of cotton in Liverpool, consequent upon the latest advices from the United States—amounting to fully ½d—has had its effect upon our market here.   As might be expected, as the result of this continued excitement in the Liverpool market, ours today was a little unsettled.   There was no lack of orders offering, but the speculative rise in cotton appears to some extent to have arrested their acceptance.   In yarns there was a little more disposition to purchase manifested by the shippers, and prices may be said to be from ½d to ¼d per pound higher.   Yarns for home consumptions, were also in good demand, and higher prices were obtained.   In goods, a fair business was done at the highest prices of last week.

MERCATILE AFFAIRS.—For nearly every article adapted for manufacturing purposes there has been a lively demand since this day week, and prices have an upward tendency; a desire is generally shown to get well into stock, as the consumption is on the increase, and prices still moderate.   The grocers have been purchasers to a fair extent of all the leading articles of produce, paying full, and in some cases better prices; and speculators have been operating in brandy, pepper, pimento, cotton, and Ceylon coffee.   For shipping there are few orders, but the time is not far distant when an improved demand for goods will take place.  Only a small quantity of produce has been submitted to public competition during the past seven days.   The arrival of goods have again increased, still they have been far from large, several public sales are declared.  There is much complaint amongst the discount houses of a want of demand for money; and it is an astonishing fact, that such is the abundance of it that on the Stock Exchange they are lending it to each other returnable on calls without interest.   Merchants' bills, of a first rate nature, have been currently discounted at 1½ percent.  In the English funds much business has been done since Tuesday last, and the three percent, consoles have been higher than for the last fifty years.   London New Price Current of Tuesday.