Oakham (Rutlandshire), Monday—An Anti League meeting was held this day at the Castle Inn, which was most numerously attended.   Mr. R. SMITH, of Burley; Mr. J. CLARKE; G. FINCH , Esq.; G.J. HEATHCOTE, Esq., M.P.; Hon. W.H. DAWNEY, M.P.; A.S. O'BRIEN, M.P.; and other gentlemen took part in the proceedings; and the resolutions having been carried, the meeting broke up.


In addition to the foregoing, the Morning Herald of this morning announces other important meetings, viz., for Cambridgeshire, at New market on the 30 th of January, when upwards of 100 farmers were present, and a subscription exceeding £250 was raised; for Leicestershire, at market Harborough, when 400 members of the Protection Society were present; for East Suffolk, at Ipswich, &c.