This interesting meeting commenced on Monday last.   The day was most unfavourable for the sport, the weather being extremely wet and boisterous, and the attendance was in consequence not so numerous as we have seen it in former years.   Hares, however, were numerous, and despite the storm the first and second ties for the Cup, and the first ties for the Puppy Stakes, were gone through.   The following is the result of the courses:—


Mr. ARMSTONGS'S Hector, beat Mr. ARMISTEAD'S Hector.

Mr. MOSSAP'S Magic, beat Mr. PAISLEY'S Derwent Lass.

Mr. RITSON'S Lady Anne, beat Mr. LONGMIRE'S Lock's All.

Snowdrop ran a bye in consequence of Sweep being disabled.

Mr. JEFFERSON'S Joe, beat Mr. FIX'S Fidget.

Mr. BRISCO'S Bacchus, beat Mr. ARMSTONGS'S Countess.

Mr.BRISCO'S Black Bess, beat Mr. PASTLETHWAITE'S Ben Brace.

Mr. BRAGG'S Soot, beat Mr. ROPER'S Mary.

Mr. LINDOW'S Sir Robert Peel, beat Mr. H. JEFFERSON'S Jerk.

Mr. RITSON'S The Baron, beat Mr. H. JEFFERSON'S Glent.

Mr. LINDOW'S Lowther, beat Mr. JEFFERSON'S Minerva.

Mr. CURWIN'S Royal, beat Mr. H. JEFFERSON'S Jezebel.

Mr. BRISCO'S Borax, beat Mr. SMITH'S Sylph.

Mr. LONGMIRE'S Spring, beat Mr. FALSON'S Fame.


     Mr. ARMSTONGS'S bk. & w. beat Mr. ARMISTEAD'S brin. Hector.  The former, which was termed Carte Hector , showed a great superiority of speed and powers of working, winning with great ease.

Magic beat Derwent Lass.  The former made every point at the commencement, but in the latter part of the course the "Lassie" seemed to have the advantage though not sufficient to overcome its necromantic opponent.   

     Lady Anne beat Luck's All.    The latter took the liberty of prancing away before its feminine opponent, throwing a complete somerset at a fence, after which the Lady got in and had all her own way.

     Snowdrop ran a bye, Sweep being drawn from having met a misfortune the week previous.

     Joe beat Fidget with the greatest ease, which made many of her friends very fidgety, as she was a great favourite, having won the Calderbridge Cup in the Autumn.

     Bacchus beat Countess as regards speed, and won cleverly.

     Black Bess beat Ben Brace.   The latter had the advantage in speed, making the first turn, and serving himself, but lost solely from want of will, and not of power, as he is a decided lurcher.   The course, however, was a splendid one.

     Soot beat Mary.   This was a very near thing, but was won cleverly.

     Sir R. Peel beat Jerk, leading up to game, and killing in gallant style.

     The Baron beat Glent, after a merry course, the former having the advantage in speed, and is a good worker.

     Lowther meat Minerva cleverly.

     Royal beat Jezebel, leading to game, and won with ease.

     Borax beat Sylph.   Similar to the last course.

     Spring beat Fame, both in speed and powers of working.   The last few courses were generally short.


Second Ties.

Hector beat Magic—Snowdrop beat Lady Anne—Bacchus beat Joe—Bess beat Soot—Sir Robert Peel beat the Baron—Lowther beat Royal—Spring beat Borax.


     Hector beat Magic, making almost every point.   This course was a long one.

     Snowdrop beat Lady Anne after a merry course, without giving the Lady a chance.

     Bacchus beat Joe, making the first turn, serving himself and killing.

     Black Bess beat Soot, after a short course, on heavy ploughed land.

     Sir R. Peel beat The Baron, leading from the slips, and won cleverly.   This was also very heavy land.

     Lowther beat Royal.   This was an excellent course; the former had an advantage in speed, and won in gallant style, though the latter lost no credit which he previously merited.

     Spring beat Borax, with ease.   This is the first time the latter has run in this quarter, but he has by no mean initiated himself in the good graces of the admirers of "long tails," as he evidently ran cunning.


Third Ties.

Snowdrop beat Hector—Bacchus beat Sir Robert Peel—Lowther beat Black Bess—Spring ran a bye.


     Snowdrop beat Hector after a "no-go."   The former showed speed and made the first turn, after which the hare was lost. For the information of sporting gents, we may state that in the "no-go" the dogs got out of the slips before puss had a start of ten yards, when some friends of   the "Carle Hector" thought he had the advantage; however, no trial of speed could take place, from their getting away from the slipper, likewise the latter had a great advantage from the slips.

     Bacchus beat Sir R. Peel.   This was a long course, the former took the lead and made the first turn, after which little was seen except by the umpire.

     Lowther beat Black Bess.   Both in speed and working, and won with ease after a merry course.

     Spring ran a bye.


Fourth Ties.

Bacchus beat Snowdrop—Spring beat Lowther.

Bacchus beat Snowdrop.  The former led to game, turned and served himself four time successively, after which the latter made two or three points, when puss took refuge in a conduit.

     Spring beat Lowther.   The former made the turn and won cleverly.   Many of the pretended and "knowing ones" were "done brown" on this occasion, having sported their "tin" at 4 to 1 on the latter, having won the Whitehaven Autumn Cup, which caused many long faces.



Bacchus beat Spring, and won the cup.

     Bacchus beat Spring, giving two or three go-byes, and won in gallant style; there was not that interest taken in the run up, as many were "down upon their luck" from the previous course.



     Mr. JEFFERONS'S Windsor beat Mr. FALCON'S Fair Play.

     Mr. JEFFERONS'S Joy beat Mr. CURWEN'S C C C.

     Mr. DUGGAN'S Dove, beat Mr. BRISCO'S Bella.

     Mr. SMITH'S Crossbasket, beat Mr. BRISCO'S Bunting.


Windsor beat Fairplay, with great ease, after which the former was backed to win the stakes, fro her having won at Workington, and ran second at Whitehaven Autumn Meeting.

     Joy beat Bella, with great ease.

     Crossbasket beat Bunting, the latter scarcely making a point.   Short course.

Second Ties.

Windsor beat Joy—Dove beat Crossbasket

     Windsor beat Joy after a "no-go," by showing superiority in speed.

     Dove beat Crossbasket, after a long course, without giving her opponent the shadow of a chance.   In this course the "knowing ones" were also amiss, as 20s to 20s, and 2 to 1 went a begging.



Dove beat Windsor, and won the Stakes.

     Dove beat Windsor; the latter showed speed at first, but when the emblem of love got in, she was unalterable, and carried the palm of victory in gallant style.

     Immediately after the sports of the field had been brought to a close, a numerous party of gentlemen sat down to an excellent dinner at Mr. SUMPTON'S, the Globe Inn, Hensingham, served up with the usual  profusion and good taste of Mr. and Mrs. SUMPTON.  The customary loyal toasts were drunk with great enthusiasm, after which others of a more local and complimentary nature followed.   In the course of the after dinner proceedings an additional cup was proposed to be run for on Tuesday, the entry for which immediately filled.

     After having completed the arrangement for the Hensingham Cup, the party remained together for some time afterwards, and spent a most delightful evening.   We may observe that Mr. DALZELL acted as judge, and gave great satisfaction to the entire field.

     In consequence of night setting in, the first ties only were run; the result was as follows, after which the stakes were divided by the successful competitors:—

Hensingham Cup.

First Ties.

Ben Brace beat Jezebel—Lucy beat Luck's All—Jerk beat Hector—Sylph beat the Count.