Notwithstanding the shameful exposures which have lately been made by W. B. FERRAND, Esq., M.P., of the nefarious practices of the corn law repealers, some self styled liberals in Bradford and its neighbourhood are still carrying on the truck system to as great an extent as ever.   We have this week been made acquainted with several cases of poor hand loom weavers who have not received single sixpence from their employers during a period of twelve months; their wages are invariably paid in meal, flour, bacon, potatoes, and groceries.   If these articles were as good in quality and as low in price as they might be had elsewhere, we should only allude to the practice to show the inconsistency of their "free trade," but we are assured that the goods thus illegally disposed of are inferior in quality, and about thirty per cent higher in price than those which are sold by respectable dealers.   We should heartily rejoice to see a few of these tyrants brought before the magistrates to answer for their cruel and unfeeling conduct towards the defenseless poor.—Halifax Guardian.