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The subscriptions in "aid of the Great Anti Corn Law League Fund of £100,000" are now coming in very slowly.    The amount subscribed in Edinburgh, where £5000 was fully expected by the leaguers, up to Friday evening last was only £1648 15s 7½d.   We subjoin, by way of specimen, some of the published subscriptions in the Scotsman of Saturday:—"Turn out worse than Tory, despot MACAULAY," 2s 6d; "I wish you may get it," 1s; "In confidence of a return with interest bye and bye," 5s; "Help us poor folks in this shift," 1s; "Is sorry he can't give more," 4d " A kick by a lame grasshopper," 1s; "An anti thimble rig law man," £2; "To pay for the papers sent," 1s; "I wish it were more," 1s; "Penny wise," 1s; "A lover of oat cakes," 2s 6d; "A friend who has often read Colonel THOMPSON'S corn law catechisn," 2s 6d; "For what was sent," 1s; "Small help,", 1s; "The bread of life is free," 1s, &c., &c.