Independent of all tradition, we may believe with reverent conviction that there could have been nothing mean or repugnant -- that there must, as St. Jerome says, have been "something starry" -- in the form which enshrined an Eternal Divinity and an Infinite Holiness.  All true beauty is but "the sacrament of goodness," and a conscience so stainless, a spirit so full of harmony, a life so purely noble, could not but express itself in the bearing, could not but be reflected in the face, of the Son of Man.  We do not indeed find any allusion to this charm of aspect, as we do in the description of the young High-priest Aristobulus whom Herod murdered; but neither, on the other hand, do we find in the language of His enemies a single word or allusion which might have been founded on an unworthy appearance.  He of whom John bore witness as the Christ -- He whom the multitude would gladly have seized that He might be their king -- He whom the city saluted with triumphal shouts as the Son of David -- He to whom women ministered with such deep devotion, and whose aspect, even in the troubled images of a dream, had inspired a Roman lady with interest and awe -- He whose mere word caused Philip and Matthew and many others to leave all and follow Him -- He whose one glance broke into an agony of repentance the heart of Peter -- He before whose presence those possessed with devils were alternately agitated into frenzy and calmed into repose, and at whose question, in the very crisis of His weakness and betrayal, His most savage enemies shrank and fell prostrate in the moment of their most infuriated wrath -- such an One as this could not have been without the personal majesty of a Prophet and a Priest.  All the facts of His life speak convincingly of that strength, and endurance, and dignity, and electric influence, which none could have exercised without a large share of human, no less than of spiritual, gifts.  "
Certainly," says St. Jerome, "a flame of fire and starry brightness flashed from His eye, and the majesty of the Godhead shone in His face." -- Dr. Farrar's "Life of Christ."