Promoted by Mr. W C Robinson,  a successful children's fancy dress  ball
was held in the Pavilion on Wednesday night  The  spacious hall is admirably
adapted as a ballroom, and the little folks amongst whom were many graceful
dancers, enjoyed themselves to the fullest degree. Although some fifty
children were present In character the attendance would have been
considerably larger but for the prevalence of influenza Mr. Robinson wisely
arranged that the general public should have the opportunity of witnessing
the charming sight and the space which he had limited for onlookers so as
not to incommode the dancing was well occupied.
The Quadrille band, Under the leadership Mr. J W Hogg; made the platform
serve as orchestra and this had been chastely decorated with plants supplied
by Mr. T. R. Hayes, of
Lake Road
gardens. Mr. Robinson himself  fulfilled
the office
of M.C. and the delightful manner in which everything passed off combined
with the ease and grace with which the children did their part could not be
otherwise than gratifying  and evidence Of his skilled teaching the poetry
of motion. The ages of the children appeared to be from about six to
fourteen, and the little dots were as much interested as their seniors and
joined with equal facility In all the dances. The proceedings commenced at
7.45 when the little folk entered the ball room, and were announced In the
conventional manner. The characters assumed were as follows ;-

 Carmen -                            Lizzie Cartmell
 Tiny   -                              Clara Tikell
 Butterfly -                          Mona Horn
 Dresden China -                Annle A. Milburn
 Morgians -                        Minnie Kendall
 Fairy -                               Bertha Birkett
 Primrose -                         Helena Myra Mumberson
 Christmas -                       Martha Cannon
      Snow  -                       Polly Tyson
 Scotch girl -                     Susan Welsh
 Violets                             Annie Tyson
 Shepherdess -                  Ada Heywood
 Fair Esmarelda -               L Wilson
 Mary Queen of Scots       Mary Crump
 Dark Emeralds                 Ethel Kerly
 Cowslip                           Mary Hudson
 Daisy                               Florrie Hudson
 Polish Lady                     Lilian Smith
 Monte Carlo                   Ethel Mumberson
 Gipsy                              Mabel M. Bownass
 Wild Rose                       Elsie B. Bownass
 Cherry RIpe                   Mary Mumbersmon
 Normandy Peasant         Emmeline Swindle
 Spanish Queen               Rita Mounsey
 Duchess of Devonshire   Sarah Swindle
 Red Riding Hood            Elsie Peacock
 Snowdrop                      Mary Park
 Gipsy                              Mary Barnes
 Maritana                         Mary Easton
 Red Riding Hood            Hilda Easton
 Earl of Darnley                Percy Hope
 Charles Surface               Joseph Peascod
 Jockey                           Joseph Milburn
 Prince Rupert                Alan Nelson
 Earl of Liecester              Hubert Kerly
 Hamlet                           Harold Kerly
 Jester                              Fred Kerly
 Austrian Hussar              Harry Crump
 Nigger                            James Horn
 Clown                            Joseph F Bowe
 Lord Fauntleroy             Askew Mumberson
 Horse Guardsman           Sydney Abbott
 Clown                            Tom Abbott
 Sailor                             Norman Abbott
 Prince of Como              Frank Cowperthwaite
 Page (16th century )        Fred Birkett
 Page 17th century -        Derwent Tickell
 Dick Turpln                    Joseph Tickell
 Lord Fauntleroy            Whinfield Cannon
Footballer                       D Kirkby
- ------------------------------

The dresses among which were many splendid costumes were supplied by  Mr W
Waller, theatrical costumer , 86
Tabernacle St London

The programme of dances was as follows ;- Grand March, Polka, Quadrille
Reels, Costillion, Pas de Quatre, Square Waltz, Barn dance, Waltz, Sir Roger
de Covorley.  The Highland Fling was danced by Elsie and Mabel Bownass, Ada
Heywood, Lewin Wilson, Annie Tyson, and Ethel Mumberson, also singly by
Lizzie Cartmell.  The Sailors Hornpipe was danced by Hubert Kerly, Alan
Nelson and Joseph Peascod .

The dance was brought to a conclusion at eleven o`clock a goodly number of
the youngsters went to the pavilion on Thursday to be photographed and also
to  Mr Abraham`s and  Mr Mayson`s studios.