Perilous position of an old man.-on Friday night last an old man named Robt 
Folder wandered in the darkness into the mill dam at Coledale, and would
have perished had his cries not been heard by Mr. Robert Wilson who was in
the pencil mill at close upon half-past ten o'clock. Mr. Wilson called upon
his son Mr. T. Wilson who went into the dam and had great difficulty in
getting Mr. Folder to the bank, for the old man was almost helpless from the
cold. His feet were sticking in the mud and he was more than waist deep in
water. At length Mr. T. Wilson got him out and took him into the house where
he was undressed and put to bed. with the help of hot water bottles,
flannels, and stimulant, the old man was brought round and was fit to be
removed to his home in Newlands on Saturday morning. It appears that Mr.
Folder, who is 73 years of age, has been in the habit of taking a walk daily
on the Little Braithwaite road. .When tea time came on Friday last and he
had not returned his son and daughter-in-law became anxious about him. With
neighbours they commenced search and were out with lanterns until after
eleven o'clock before gaining any tidings of him.