Departure Of A Keswick Character

Mr Thos Moore Edmondson, better known as "Tommy Moore," who has for many

years been a notable character at the Lake Side both as a boatman and

fisherman , left Keswick on Tuesday with his family to seek a new home in the

rising colony of Queensland Australia. Blunt as Tommy is in his manner he

has a kind heart and his straight forward ways won for him a list of friends

among the visitors as well as his more immediate neighbours who recognised

in him the "rough diamond".

 Only last summer there was occasion for Tommy to show how he could feel for

others in distress. When that poor young fellow from Egremont

was drowned in the lake Tommy dragged almost incessantly until the body was

found not that he had any hope of reward for the friends were but in humble

circumstances but because he saw and could not help: but pity the sorrow

into which they were thrown. A large crowd assembled at the railway station

to witness the departure of Tommy and his family by the 4-15pm train. Among

them were all his more familiar chums some of whom seemed to have had a

feeling akin to that of Lord Byron when he wrote slightly altered:


                         Thy boat is on the shore

                         And thy bark is on the sea

                         But before thou go,st Tom Moore

                         Here,s a double health to thee


As soon as Tommy was comfortably seated in the train the Volunteer Band who

went into the station purposely commenced to play " Should auld aquaintance

be forgot," and the strain was continued as the engine steamed slowly from

the platform. The scene was not without its pathetic side and a good few

were affected even to tears at the parting with an old friend. Three other

young fellows left Keswick by the noon train, John  Johnson, J P Wilson and

a young man from Portinscale and will sail in the same ship the Earl

Granville for Brisbane .