In Ritson's Lane, on the 15th instant, MARY HENDERSON, aged 74 years --- upward of forty years servant with JOSEPH SANDERT, Esq., of Street near Wigton.

In Scotch-street, on the 12th instant, JANE CLARK, formerly of Hawksdale, aged 36 years.

In Eden-street, since our last, MR. FRANCIS PORTER, aged 65.

At Gelstone Mill, near Carlisle, Douglas, on the 7th instant, at the advanced age of 95 years, MR. JAMES COWAN, father of the late MR. JAMES COWAN, Grapes-lane, Carlisle.

At Wigton, on the 8th instant, MARY, wife of MR. WILLIAM HOLMES, Millwright, aged 64.

At Stockdalewath, on the 15th instant, MR. JOHN TIFFIN, aged 58 years.

On the 15th August, at Nauvoo, State of Illinois, North America, MR. JOHN FAWKES, late of Brampton, aged 73 years ~~~ much respected by a large circle of friends.

At Penrith on the 11th instant, MR. JONATHAN HUDDART, coachman, aged 54;

~~~same day MR. JOHN CRANES, weaver, aged 80;

~~~and same day, MARY, wife of MR. GEORGE BEATTIE, aged 44.

At Maryport, on the 9th instant, MRS. SARAH LITTLE, aged 79;

~~~and on the 13th, MR. NICHOLSON, clogger, in the prime of life.

At Dilston Mill, near Corbridge, Northumberland, on the 14th instant, aged 29, MISS MARY ANN HALL, only daughter of the late RIDLEY HALL, Esq., of the same place, much lamented.

At Saucel Bank, Paisley, on the 11th instant, aged 33, MARGARET, wife of MR. GEORGE COATS, manufacturer, Paisley, much respected.  The poor in the neighbourhood will feel her loss.

At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, MISS MARY BENSON, aged 63 years;

~~~and on Wednesday week, MRS. JANE BELL, formerly of Maryport, aged 84 years.

At Whitehaven, at the house of his daughter, MRS. GLASS, in King-street, on Tuesday week, MR. SAMUEL EBENEZER COX, in the 65th year of his age;

~~~same day, in the Ginns, MRS. ANN LEVASON, widow, aged 70;

~~~on Friday, in Mark-lane, MRS. MARY FARRELL, widow, in the 78th year of her age;

~~~and on Saturday, at Mount Pleasant, MRS. SARAH LAIDLEY, widow, aged 70.

At the Union Workhouse, Scotch-street,, Whitehaven, on the 10th instant, ANN NIXON, aged 23 years, late of Moresby;

~~~and at the Preston Quarter Workhouse, on the 13th, JOHN FITZSIMONS, aged 73 years.

At St. Peter's, Demerara, on the 15th September last, CAPT. WM. BALL, of the "Nelson Wood", and son of the late CAPT. BALL, of Maryport, in his 21st year - a young man of great promise.

In Stramongate, Kendale, on Saturday week, JOSEPH BANKS, Esq., aged 50 years.

On Saturday week, in Brydges-street, Covent Garden, London, SAMUEL EVANS, well-known as a pugilist by the cogcomen of "Young Dutch Sam".  He had been in a state of ill health for some months previous to his demise, but no apprehensions were entertained of its serious termination, until a few days since, when he was obliged to keep his bed, whence he never arose.

On Tuesday, the 24th ult., at Pershore, in her 105th year, MRS. ELIZABETH RICHARDS, better known for many years past as "OLD BETTY RICHARDS".  She was a native of Redmarley, county of Worcester, of which parish church her father was clerk upwards of threescore years.  The old woman was well and hearty until about a fortnight before her death.  She has often been heard to say that she could very well remember going into mourning for GEORGE THE SECOND.  "OLD BETTY" had been three times a widow, and buried her last husband about thirteen years ago.