Notwithstanding the cold, bleak, and wet morning which opened out upon us, our market again produced a very large supply of all descriptions of grain; and, as Martinmas Fair making its annual round took place to-day, the influx of country buyers and sellers was considerable.

We had, therefore, a very full and brisk market.  Wheat, at last week's rates, was fully supported, though a slight decline of 3d to 6d took place towards the close.

Barley and oats went off pretty well; the former from 6d to 1s lower, and the latter 3d higher than our last quotations.  Rye and beans remain stationary - Our Potato Market was also well stocked with carts, but as there was no variation from previous prices, our figures remain unaltered.

Butter and eggs were in middling supply;   the former being sold at from 8d to 10 d per lb;  the latter, which were rather scarce, eight and nine for 6d.

Our Green Market still keeps animated, being filled with all seasonable stuff.  The Poultry market continues well supplied with geese, turkies, ducks, &c., all selling according to their respective qualities, viz....Geese, 2s to 4s;  turkies, 2s 6d to 4s 6d;  ducks, 10 d to 1s;  hens, 7d to 10d, &c.

The Pig Market was well stocked with carts, but business, we believe, was dull;  however, a good many were disposed of at last week's prices.  Superior breeds, 12s to 14s;  inferior do, 8s to 10s;  and several were disposed of as low as 4s and 5s a piece.

The Fish Market continues brisk with the produce of the season, viz., haddock, cod, bodlins, eel, salt salmon, &c., all varying in price, according to quality and quantity.


In our Potato Market to-day, notwithstanding the very boisterous state of the weather, we had a large supply.  Prices remain stationary at from 3d to 3-1/2d, and it was late before the market was cleared.  The Butter and Egg Market was rather below an average, and prices were ... butter 9d to 10d per lb.;  and for 6d.