HEALTH OF TOWNS..................A HINT.

The Commissioners of Police, with the view of improving the amenity, and sanatory condition of the city, have recently been making an effort to have all the dungsteads and closes in the city placed under their own regulation, and cleaned at the public expense, so far as the proceeds from the sale of the manure might be inadequate for this purpose.

Out of the 1400 circulars sent to the proprietors of these places it appears that only 500 have replied, 300 of which assent to, and 200 dissent from, the proposed arrangement.

In the meantime, therefore, the matter has been delayed.

As it is the general opinion, however, that the health and cleanliness of the city would gain greatly by this proposal, it is to be hoped that the police board will be able to carry it into effect by the terms of Whitsunday next............"Glasgow Herald".....[It is greatly to be desired that some similar arrangement should be adopted in Carlisle, or at all events that the police should have instructions to see the general cleanliness of the town more strictly attended to.  We have repeatedly said that there is no city in England with more facilities for cleanliness than Carlisle, and yet there are few more shamefully neglected.

The principal streets alone are tolerable, but the moment the pedestrian quits these, the most disgusting nuisances meet him at every turn, ,and no effort is made to amend the evil.

On market days in particular, even the principal streets are not free from indecent and abominable nuisances; no female can appear in public without being offended at every turn, and there is certainly no department that requires so much the attention of the authorities.

We wish the new mayor would employ upon these nuisances, that industry implied in the proverb - in this respect it is highly desirable that "the new broom should sweep clean". - Ed. C.P. ]