Newspaper Statement
at end of the newspaper.

WHITEHAVEN:  Printed by JOHN WARE and SON, at the PRINTING OFFICE in KING-STREET;  where Printing Work in general is performed, and HAND BILLS, TAVERN BILLS, &c., &c., done at an Hour's Notice.

Advertisements, &c., for this Paper are taken in by G. ROBINSON, Pater-Noster Row, London:   At the Chapter, Peel's, and New Lloyd's Coffee-House, London:   By J. GORE, Liverpool:   M. SWINNEY, Birmingham:   R. CRUTWELL, Bath:   J. GREGORY, Leicester:   J. ROBERTSON, Edinburgh:   J. ROBB, Glasgow:   M. PATTISON (and at Beck's Coffee-House), Carlisle:   M. COWLEY, Cockermouth:  M. FURNASS, and P. ROBINSON, Wigton:   J. MARK, Hesket N. Market:   R. STAMPER, Ravenglass:   J. WALKER, Keswick;   J. JACKSON, Harrington:   J. WENNINGTON, Egremont:   J. SCOTT,  Workington:  R. HOLIDAY, Mary Port:   R. ANDERSON, Abbey Holme:  A. SOULBY, Penrith:  F. HODGSON, Ulverstone:  J. POSTLETHWAITE, Broughton:   J. CARTMEL, Dalton:   W. STEVENSON, Hawkhead:   T. JACKSON, Cartmell:   A. ASHBURNER, Lancaster:   J. ASHBURNER and W. PENNINGTON, Kendal:  L. WILKINSON, Appleby:  E. WILSON, Dumfries:  J. MURRAY, Kirkcudbright by T. LOWDON, Post-master, NEWTON STUART:  and W. CALLOW, Douglas, Isle of Mann.