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The following is an extract of a letter from GENERAL WASHINGTON to the Congress, dated Jan. 22, 1777.

" My Last was on the 20th inst. since that I have the pleasure to inform you, that GENERAL DICKINSON, with about 400 militia, had defeated a foraging part of the enemy of an equal number, and has taken forty waggons, and upwards of 100 horses, most of them of the English draught breed, and a number of sheep and cattle which they had collected.

The enemy retreated with so much precipitation, that GENERAL DICKINSON had only an opportunity of making 9 prisoners;  they were obliged to carry off a great many dead and wounded in light waggons.

The action happened near Somerset Court house on Milltson river.  GENERAL DICKINSON's behaviour reflects the highest honour upon him, for though his troops were all raw, he led them through the river, middle deep, and gave the enemy so severe a charge, that although supported by three field pieces, they gave way, and left their convoy.

 Published by order of the Congress.

C. THOMPSON, Secretary "


 A     M     E     R     I     C     A

HERTFORD, FEB. 10. - Last Thursday an express came to town  from GENERAL WASHINGTON's Headquarters in New Jersey, who informs that on Saturday the 1st instant, a party of our men, about 700 in number, fell in with a body of the enemy, said to be about 1000, with three field pieces, at Piscatagua, about 4 miles from Brunswick, when an engagement commenced, which lasted some time, but the enemy were at length obliged to retreat, leaving about 60 of those men dead on the field.

However, being joined by a confederate reinforcement from their main body, with three additional field pieces, they returned and renewed the attack when our people, being overpowered by numbers, were obliged to retreat;  in both actions we had nine men killed and fourteen wounded.  The Enemy were at the above place procuring forage for their horses.

A     M    E    R     I     C     A.

PHILADELPHIA, FEB. 13....The express, who arrived here yesterday from Head quarters, gives the following intelligence, viz.  That when he came off with the dispatches from GENERAL WASHINGTON,   GENERAL GREEN brought in the following account, that 300 of our troops were stationed at Quibble town, under the command of COL. SCOTT, that 3000 of the enemy from Brunswick attacked them, which obliged COL. SCOTT to retreat about a mile and a half, that being reinforced by part of LORD STERLINGS"s army, with four pieces of cannon, they renewed the engatement, obliged the enemy to retreat with the loss of three hundred left dead on the field, and 100 taken prisoners, and were in pursuit of them when GENERAL GREEN came away.

BRICE the American Admiral, was the 19th ******February last spoke with at sea, about 96 *********Nantucket, with six ships of force under his command, viz., one of 50 guns, one of 38, and the other 18 to 24 guns each;  whither he was ******** would not tell