FOR the CURE of the SCURVY,  ITCH,  Pimpled Faces,  Scald Heads, Films in Children,  Rheumaic Pains, all cutaneous Eruptions (by smelling only) it is also of the utmost service to the Female Sex, either coming of age, or the decline of it (which often proves very fatal) at Spring and Fall, without bleeding, bathing, taking physic, anointing the body, changing the bed clothes, or wearing apparel.

The safey and efficacy of this Medicine being so well known in all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales, renders it needless to add any encomiums to its established character, and it is not recommended by any extravagant price, vain glory, or pretended quality:  It may be used by young children and women far advanced in their pregnancy.  And as the in****ble, number of well attended certificates of cures, performed by this Medicine, would swell the paper, MR. MOLINEAUX has for the satisfaction of the public, left with the above J. WARE & SON catalogues of the best attested certificates of the most remarkable cures ever performed by any one Medicine yet exposed to the public, wherein many eminent gentlemen of the faculty have failed;  and will pay the postage of letter or letters, to and from the places where the cures have been performed, for the satisfaction of the incredulous, and assures them that he does not follow the practice of many, to have his certificates signed at such a distance, as to be out of the patient's intelligence.

Those who are afflicted with any of the above cases that are herein mentioned;......MR. MOLINEAUX earnestly requests them to apply, with all convenient speed, that he may give some evident proofs of his practice, as he leaves the rest to his agents as that is done.