THE famous MRS. BERNARD (from BERLIN in BRANDENBURGH) is possessed of an infallible secret for cleansing the teeth, and rendering them as white as alabaster, notwithstanding they may be as black as coal;  remarkably done without the use of instrument;  also fastens teeth by virtue of water, and causes the gums to grow up to the teeth, through ever so much decayed;  likewise prevents teeth from rotting.

She infalibbly eases the scurvy, and in a short time removes the most offensive breath;  the toothach cured in half a minute, without damaging the teeth.

MRS. BERNARD begs leave to mention a truth but too well known, that the frequent use of instruments and powders, particularly brushes, as the infection remains in the brush, entirely **** the teeth, whereas her liquid cleans them by using it only three times a week.

The public may be satisfied of the efficacy of her remedies by most of the Nobility and Gentry, that use the German Sea,  Bath,  Bristol,  Scarborough,  and in much of the principal towns in Great Britain.  She offers her assistance to those who may require it, and desires no pay except the cure proves to the satisfaction of her patients.

~~~To prevent counterfits, every bottle is sealed with her name.  The way to use it;  Put a teaspoonful in a cap, dip a cloth in it, and rub your teeth with it ~~~

By her appointment, her remedies are sold in bottles of 5s 3d and 10s 6d each by the Printers of this Paper, of whom may be had  Celeivald's Bible, recommended by the Society for propagating Christian knowledge.  Large folio 1 l. 5s on fine paper, with the Apocrypha:  1L. 1s second paper with the Apocrypha.