For the STONE and GRAVEL.

Hac Medicina Viris Lapidis incidere prestat.

A medicine proved from a long Series of private Practices to be of the greatest Efficacy in giving immediate case ease in the most excruciating Fits of the Stone and Gravel, and curling that painful and melancholy Disorder.

It is pleasant to take, having no nauseous or disagreeable taste, sits easy on the stomach, and is so safe and inoffensive in operation, that it is taken without any particular regimen or confinement.

The great number of extraordinary ures daily p erformed by this Electuary, and authenticated by several of the Nobility and Gentlemen from all parts of England, render it unnecessary to lavish encomiums on its superior efficacy to all other Medicines.  Suffice it therefore to refer the Public to a collection of Cases well authenticated, and given with the Electuary, each Pot of which is sold at least by one reputable Shop-keeper in England and Scotland; at 5 s. the large, and 2 s. 6d. the small one.

MR. SWINFEN having no further connection with MESSRS. DICEY AND CO., all Persons are particularly desired to send their Orders either to R. SWINFEN, Surgeon in Hinkly, or W. NICOLL, No. 51, St. Paul's Church-yard, London.

The above Electuary is sold by

M. COWLEY, Cockermouth;  M. FURNASS,  and P. ROBINSON, Wigton;

J. MARK, Heskat N. Market;

J. WALKER, Keswick

R. ANDERSON, Abbey-Holme;

A. SOULBY, Penrith;

F. HODGSON, Ulverstone;

A. ASHBURNER, Lancaster;

M. PATTINSON, Carlisle;

W. CALLOW, Douglas, Isle of Man;

by J. WARE & Son, Whitehaven;

 and by those they appoint.