TO BE LET or SOLD, a convenient DWELLING-HOUSE, situated in Castle-Street, Carlisle, now in the Occupation of the P v. MR. FARION;  with a Garden, Stables, Coach-house, and other Offices.

For Particulars enquire of JOHN LOSH, Esq., Woodside.


B    A    L    L.

MR. HADWEN's BALL will be opened at the SWAN in Cockermouth, on Thursday the 24th of APRIL instant, at 7 o'clock in the Evening.

MR. HADWEN takes this Opportunity of returning his sincere Thanks to his Friends in Carlisle, and its Environs, for their kind Favours, and proposes to pay them a Visit the next Year, and hopes for the Continuance of that Indulgence and Encouragement he has so long experienced, which shall ever be his constant Study to deserve.