THE CUMBERLAND PACQUET and Ware's Whitehaven Advertiser,                                 Tuesday,April 22, 1777

No. 132    3d. Week    VOL. III    4th Quarter     Price Three-pence

Where Moderation dwells, the Soul admits Distinct Ideas, and Matur'd Debate; an Eye Impartial, and an Even Scale................Hence Wisdom found, and unrepenting Choice

This Paper may be constantly seen in LONDON, at the Chapter, Peele's & New Lloyd's Coffee House,  at MR. STAINTON's Blestom's Inn, Laurence-Lane, and at the Constitution Punch-House, Drury Lane.


Reflections on SLAVERY and LIBERTY, from MR. YORICK's SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY through France and Italy ..... Vol. 2.  page 136



ASSUME what forms thou wilt, still, Slavery ! still,

Thou art a bitter, and a nauseous pill;

And tho' in this wide habitable waste,

Thousands are forc'd thy acid ills to taste;

Yet not on that account can we suppose,

That less thy bitterness, or less thy woes.

'Tis thou, thrice gracious goddess, Liberty !

At whose bright shrine all nations bend the knee,

'Tis thou, whose pure, unmix'd salubrious bowl,

With sweets uncloying cheers th' enraptur'd soul:

With grateful flavour, ceaseless, fills the mind,

Nor leaves one dreg of bitterness behind.

No tint of words thy snowy robe can stain;

It shall still spotless, still unfoil'd remain.

No power in study'd Chymistry's wide range,

Can thy bright sceptre into iron change.

If thou but smile upon the humble swain,

Who eats his homely pittance on the plain,

Then happier he...than monarchs more content,

From whose gay courts an exile thou art sent.

Grant me, all gracious heaven ! ( I kneeling cry'd)

Health, and this smiling goddess for my guide,

Then ye, whose heads for such high honours ache,

Seize - take the mitres, and the crosiers take.