By Authority of the KING's Royal Patent.


Prepared only by CLUER, DICEY, and Co. Bow-Church-Yard, London.

WHICH for more than sixty years have been universally known to be the *****st and farest relief in the most acute Rheumatic pains in the breast, limbs, and joints, fluxes, agues, and fevers;  a single dose remarkably stops the progress of a cold, and certainly prevents the ill consequences arising from that very common disorder, the forerunner of most distempers:  They are also very serviceable in many other distress, which will appear in the direction with every true bottle.

The Proprietors are determined to prosecute all shop-keepers and venders who shall sell such counterfeits in the name of DR. BATEMAN's Pectoral Drops, prepared by the said DICEY, OKELL, and Co.

And any person giving information thereof, shall on conviction of the offender or offenders, receive of the said DICEY and Co. Fifty Pounds reward.

These prosecutions fully prove to the world, that the true medicine called DR. BATEMAN's Pectoral Drops, (sealed as in the margin) is sold wholesale only at the said DICEY and Company's warehouse and by where they appoint retail, at one filling the bottle.

N.B.  And whereas great complaint of counterfeits of these Original Drops have of late been made, passed off under vague pretences of purchasing the receipt, and being joint partners with DICEY AND OKELL and others by calling their trash the true original, to prevent such inpas*tions the said DICEY, OKELL and Company do declare they never sold or communicated the receipt to any person whatever;  and they would by no means trouble the Public by replying to the scurtilous advertisements that appear in the public papers;  and several **** who endeavour by false insinuations to impose upon the public:  the reputation they have for more than fifty years been pleased to give us being sufficient;  as is the judgement of the court of King's Bench April 9 JACKSON, for the dirt he daubs himself with by attempting to con others.

These valuable Drops, by the special appointment of the patentees, DICEY, OKELL and Co., are sold by J. WARE & Son, but at no other printers in Whitehaven, and by at least one reputable shop-keeper, in all cities and towns in Britain, Ireland, and most parts of Europe.

Where may he had published under the sanction of the King's Royal Patents, DR. RADCLIFFE's famous purging Elixir, bring the best medicine for the Scurvy if taken Spring and Fall:  It cures ulcerated legs, &c. &c.  1s.

DR. HOOPER's well known Female Pills, sealed up in their directions and signed on the outside with the names JOHN, JOSEPH, and BENJAMIN HOOPER, price 1s.  DR. FRAUNCE's Female strengthening Elixir greatly restoring weak or decayed constitutions, 1s 6d.  PIKE's Ointment cures the Itch by rubbing on hands only, price 1s 6d.  BARON SCHWAUBERGH's Liquid Shells for the ***** and Gravel, 1s 6d.

Cordial Cephalic S**ll, for the Head and Eyes, at 6d the bottle.  BETTONS' True and genuine British Oil, for wounds, ulcers, ****** ************ ****************the cures in the bills, &c.  BETTONS re***** , to take inwardly for Consumptions and disorders of the bre**** and ******, 6d.   DR. ANDERSON's Grana An***** is the true Scots Pills, sealed with the Doctor's head between C.D. in the box round or oval.

DR. BATEMAN's Spirits of Scurvy Gras, 1s.  BAYLEY's Shoe Cakes, 6d and WALFORD's B**'s 6d and 1s.  DR. STOREY's and DR. BOLDERMAN's never failing Worm-cakes, 1s.  and DR. ROBERT a ditto Worm plumbs, twelve for 6d.  DR. BOSTOCK and SQUIRES grand restorative Elixir 1s 3d.  DR. SCOUGHTON's great Stomach Elixir, 1s. FRYER's Balsam,  1s.  TURLINGTON's ditto 1s 9d and 3s 6d.

Court plaister, 6d and 1s. KENNEDY's Corn Plaister ** Issue Plaisters which stick without **isting, 1s the box.  Orange turned Peas for Issues, 4s per hundred.  The Original DR. GODFREY's Cordial, for Children &c. 6d.