SO UNIVERSALLY esteemed for their good effects in all nervous disorders, lowness of spirits, headachs, tremblings, vain fears, and wanderings of the mind, frightful dreams, catchings, startings, anxieties, dimness, with the appearance of specks before the eyes, loss of memory, cholics, cramps, convulsions, hysteric fits, hypochondriac complaints, and the falling sickness.

They prevent sickness at the stomach, and take off that sense of fulness after meals, and that swelling of the flesh in damp weather, which so greatly affect persons of relaxed fibres;  they give a serene cheerfulness of disposition, in the place of those horrors, which so dreadfully oppress people of weak nerves.

Price Two Shillings and Six-pence the box, which contains fifty pills.


This is to certify that, having been afflicted above two years with nerve complaints, such as lowness of spirits, tremblings, vain *****, wanderings of the mind, catchings, startings, and anxieties, attended with a swelling in different parts, and reduced thereby to so weak a condition, as to be scarce able to walk without assistance.  After having taken almost every medicine in vain, that is recommended to be used in cases like mine, was advised to try VANDOUR"S PILLS , by a friend who had taken them with surprising success;  I sent for a box;  and to my great surprise and satisfaction soon found the good effect of them;  for by taking two boxes, I was restored (with the blessing of God) to my health, my complaints being entirely removed.

This I think is my duty to publish, as well in gratitude to the inventor of so excellent medicine, as to the public, in order that my fellow creatures, who are so unhappy as  to labour under the like afflictions, may know where to find relief, in a pleasant, speedy, and effectual manner.  I am ready to assert the truth of what is here set forth, at any time, to any person who shall be desirous of making enquiries relating thereto.  Witness my hand, J. BRETT, No. 79, Saffron-Hill.

Beware of Counterfeits, None are genuine but what are signed by JOHN NORTON, only author and proprietor of Maredant's Drops, so universally known and esteemed for their effectually curing the leprosy, scurvy, &c. in his own hand writing.  Each box sealed with red wax with the same impression as in the margin.