No. 132    3d. Week    VOL. III    4th Quarter     Price Three-pence

Where Moderation dwells, the Soul admits Distinct Ideas, and Matur'd Debate; an Eye Impartial, and an Even Scale................Hence Wisdom found, and unrepenting Choice

This Paper may be constantly seen in LONDON, at the Chapter, Peele's & New Lloyd's Coffee House,  at MR. STAINTON's Blestom's Inn, Laurence-Lane, and at the Constitution Punch-House, Drury Lane.



BOTT's new invented CORN-SALVE.

THIS SALVE is the most effectual remedy for Corns ever yet invented, taking them entirely away, though of ever so long standing, the method of using it is quite safe and gives no pain;  neither does it occasion any inconveniency during the time of cure.

It is likewise an effectual remedy for Warts, washing them away unperceivably, without making any kind of sore or scar, let them be of ever so long standing.

It also cures strains  and bruises, and takes down hard swellings, though ever so bad, in a short time, dispersing the congealed blood that settles in them, and soon effects a cure;  by applying a fresh plaister once a week.

But be sure you don't apply it to green wounds, or where the skin is broke, for there it will not be serviceable.

It will keep its virtues for seven years, by sea or land, it occasion require it ; keep it a distance from the fire, but dry.....Price One Shilling the box.

N.B.  Be pleased to observe that none are genuine but what are sealed with (GEORGE BOTT's new invented Corn-Salve) on the lid of the box, with black wax, and signed GEN. BOTT, at the bottom of each bill of directions, with red ink.

***If any person will solemnly affirm, that the Corn Salve, applied according to the directions in the bill, does not effect a cure, the money which it cost shall be returned.


BOTT's fine powder for taking grease spots, tar, and paint, out of silks, stuffs, woollens, and leather, without discharging the colour, leaving any stain or being a detriment thereto - Price One Shilling the large bottle, and Six Pence the small.