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Petty Sessions - Wednesday, May 23rd. 1877

( Before W.HARRISON, Esq and Dr. WICKHAM )


Margaret WILLIAMSON, a stranger was charged with frequenting the Corn Market
for the purpose of committing a felony. -- Sergt. FRAZER said that on
Tuesday afternoon he was on duty in the Corn Market, and saw the prisoner
among a crowd of women near the White Hart. She lifted one of their dresses,
and then went into the entrance to the White Hart Hotel. she stood there
a minute and came back among the same women, after that she went into Little
Dockray, and remained a little in Mr. HETHERINGTONS spirit vault, after
which she got among a crowd of persons near Mr. PATTINSONS the hairdresser.
Witness saw her lift a women's dress there. She afterwards purchased some
sweets at a stall, a man came up to her, and they had some conversation
together. The man went away, and the prisoner went to look at some trinkets
on a neighbouring stall, but did not but anything. Subsequently she got
among another crowd near the Black Bull, and witness got behind her. He
her lift a woman's dress, and put her hand into her pocket. Witness spoke
the woman and the prisoner bolted and went into a confectioners shop. When
she came out he asked her where she came from, and she said " I'm on
important business; I'm with a friend in the town" He asked her who her
friend was, and she said " you want to know too much." He then took her
custody, and she said she had come from Dublin, but afterwards said she
from Glasgow.-- John TAYLOR of Penruddock, said he saw the prisoner put
hand into the pocket of a woman at the door of the Black Lion. He went to
the prisoner and said " Old Lass, where's your hand" and he pushed her
Inspector HOWARD said when the prisoner was searched £2  9s  were found
her. A woman called Mrs. MILNER went to the lock-up and identified the
prisoner as the person who had pushed up against her, and immediately
afterwards she missed her purse containing 13s.--
The Bench sent the prisoner to Carlisle Gaol for three months and directed
that the money found upon her should go towards her maintenance during
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