The half-yearly hirings were held here on Tuesday. The day was fine though
cold for the time of year.

Numerically, all classes of servants were well represented, and there was
also a good attendance of employers. The average wages were: Best men for
the half year, £20, with board and lodging; good men, from £17 to £18;
from 15 to 17 years of age, £10 to £16; younger and second class lads, £7
First class women obtained from £9 to £12; second class from £7 to £8 10s;
girls £7 to £5. The influx of visitors was great for whom there was a
variety of amusements in the shape of what was presumptuously called
"Wombwell's A1 Menagerie," ghost and monstrosity shows, a third rate circus,
&c., &c. In the evening the dancing "lofts" were pretty well filled.

The lynx-eyed sergeant in the afternoon detected a professional pickpocket,
who had apparently done a good stroke of business, and on Wednesday she
awarded three months condign punishment.