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BAINBRIDGE.- At Clifton & Lowther Station on 17th inst, the wife of John
BAINBRIDGE, of a daughter.

HOGARTH.- At Hillbeck, on the 19th inst. the wife of Mr. HOGARTH, of a son.

KENDALL.- At Melkinthorpe, on 28th inst.the wife of John KENDALL, yeoman, of
a son.

LAMB.- At Hillbeck, on the 19th inst. the wife of Thos. LAMB, of a son.

LOWRY.- At Eton College, on the 17th inst. Mrs Charles LOWRY, of a son,

MOUNSEY.- At Clifton, on the 15th inst. the wife of Joseph MOUNSEY, of a

SOWERBY.- At Asby, on the 20th inst. the wife of James SOWERBY, of a

THOMPSON.- At 14 Market Street, Lancaster, on the 13th inst. the wife of
H.B.THOMPSON, of a son.

WILSON.- At Penrith, 14th March, the wife of H. M'LEAN  WILSON, M.B., of
son. New Zealand papers please copy.


ADDISON -TUER.- At the Register Office, Appleby, on the 16th inst., John
ADDISON to Ann TUER, both of the Helm, Ormside.

BIRD-NICHOLSON.- On the 13th inst. At the Parish Church, Clifton, by the
Rev. E.A. JONES. Geo. BIRD, Brampton, Appleby, to Miss NICHOLSON, Long

BOWMAN-HOLMES.- At Crosby Ravensworth Parish Church, on the 13th inst.,
William, second son of Richard BOWMAN, Crosby Ravensworth, to Agnes,
youngest daughter of Jonathan HOLMES, of Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn.

SCUTT-BROWN.- At Barton Church, Penrith, on the 13th inst. by the Rev. T.
HODGSON, James SCUTT of Herefordshire, to Mary Jane BROWN of Eamont Bridge.

TAYLOR-RELPH.- At Crosby Ravensworth Parish Church, on the 16th inst.
Robert, son of Robert TAYLOR, of Crosby Lodge, to Elizabeth, only daughter
of John RELPH, Maulds Meaburn Hall.

TEASDALE-ERRINGTON.- At the Register Office Penrith, on the 21st inst.
Wm.TEASDALE, Lightwater, to Hannah ERRINGTON of Penrith.


ARMSTRONG.- At Brougham Rectory Farm, on the 12th inst. Thomas Todd
ARMSTRONG, aged 63 years.- Deeply regretted.

ALLAN.- at Ormside, on 13th inst. Hannah, infant child of Joseph ALLAN,

BURNE.- At Wellington, New Zealand, in January, Joseph BURNE age 68 years.

EDMONSON.- On Friday 15th inst. At 65 Croydon Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne, the
residence of her sister, Mary, relict of the late George EDMONSON, of
Watermillock, Ullswater, aged 66 years.

HARPER.- At Tary Beck, Whitefield, on the 9th inst. after a few hours
illness, Richard HARPER, aged 48 years.- Much and deservedly respected
all who knew him.

JACKSON.- At Dufton, on the 21st inst. Thomas JACKSON, aged 50 years.

LANGHORN.- at Brampton Croft Ends, near Appleby, on the 17th inst. Louisa
Margaret, infant daughter of

NIXON.- At Croglin, on the 7th inst. Edward NIXON, bootmaker, aged 68 years.

PERCIVAL.- At Brough Sowerby, on 18th ins. WILLIAM PERCIVAL, aged 87 years.

PARKER.- In Hunter Lane, Penrith, the son of Thomas PARKER, aged 16 months.

PEARSON.- At Little Strickland, on the 10th inst. Mary Ann, the wife of
Thomas PEARSON, aged 34 years.

SIMPSON.- At Long Marton, on the 11th inst. Mr. Edward SIMPSON, aged 75

SEED.- At 113 Gowthorpe Street, Selby, Yorks. on the 16th inst. of
consumption, Joseph SEED, late of Penrith, aged 23 years. Was interred
the family vault at Carlton, Leeds, on the 19th ins.

TURNER.- At 44 Scotland Road, Penrith, on the 11th inst. Mary Agnes,
daughter of Robert TURNER, railway platelayer, aged 2 years.