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KENDAL FARMERS' CLUB...............part #4
It was just about the time when LADY ALICE KENLIS had offered, with a kindness which we all appreciated, to give a prize at our agricultural show for the best sample of butter, and so my interest was vey readily stirred up at the sight of this advertisement;  and I found on inquiry that it was just the same with the Butter as with the other articles mentioned above.
Kendal was at the top of the tree;  long may she remain there.  But there is such a thing as false trade marks.  We will hope for the sake of morality in general, and the trade of Kendal in particular, that all articles sold with the name of our town attached to them, are what they profess to be, and that our good name and fair fame will be maintained.  And now, from Butter to Milk, is not a very long jump.  Let us see what we can make out of it  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Milk, as you are doubtless aware, not of course from practice, but from hearsay, is an article capable of being adulterated like anything else.  There are various breeds of cows, each of which is said by its advocate to have the best milking properties in contra distinction to its power of making beef  --  the two qualities do not usually go together to any remarkable extent.  But the breed of cow I now allude to is that which doesn't grow hair upon his tail, from the simple fact that the tail is made from iron.
"The cow with the iron tail"  is a regular proverb in our large towns where the demand for milk is far, very far, in excess of the possible supply.
You know, I dare say, the very simple story of the milkman's boy in London.  The servant whose duty it was to take in the morning's milk, and who noticed one day that the milk didn't look quite as clean as usual, remarked to him, " say Johnnie, your father's been putting dirty water into the milk this morning?"
'No, please, I'm sure he didn't, for I fetched it myself straight from the pump, and our water is always very clean."
We hope that our little friend retained his simple honesty to his life's end, if he be now dead, speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
The water is used very largely in order to make milk go further (to use a polite term), no one will be disposed for a moment to dispute;   but I may state on the authority of DR. VOELEHER, that it is, as a rule, the only form of adulteration, and being naturally the easiest and cheapest, we can easily suppose that it will be adopted.
We may be thankful that such is the case, and that there is no temptation to introduce anything of a more deleterious character as is done so extensively in many other articles of food, and consequently that though some milk dealers may break the 8th commandment, we needn't be afraid of their breaking the 6th by poisoning.
to be continued.........................................................................