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KENDAL FARMERS' CLUB........................part #1
The members of the above club met at their Club Room, Old Market Hall Chambers, to hear and discuss a paper on "Milk and its products" -  introduced by the president MR. WILLIAM HENRY WAKEFIELD, Sedgwick House.  The paper was of a very interesting character, and a great many were present, amongst whom we noticed the president ( MR. WAKEFIELD), the secretary, ( MR. HOGGARTH ),     MR. GEO. E. WILSON, Dallam Tower;     MR. ALFRED KEIGHLEY, Old Hall;     MR. G. F. BRAITHWAITE,     MR. CHARLES WILKINSON,     MR. STANSFELD, Kendal;      MR. J. CROPPER, Eller Green;     MR. W. WAKEFIELD, Hyning;       MR. TALBOT, Milnthorpe;        COL. MURRAY, Kendal;       THE MAYOR OF KENDAL,     MR. J. J. WILSON ;     MR. PANCHARD, Kirkby Lonsdale;     MR. FULTON, Sedgwick Cottage;     MR. KEY, Casterton;     MR. TURTON, Stavely;     MR. MILNE, Lawrence House;      MR. HOLMES, Milnthorpe;      MR. BARROW,   MR. MARTINDALE,   and a great number of the leading tenant farmers of the district.
MR. WAKEFIELD said he would have to act as his own chairman, and proceeded at once to read the following paper: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is usual to begin at the beginning, but I am going to commence at the end, not by reading my paper backwards way, but by simply remarking that when I had finished writing what I have here prepared, I found I had undertaken a task for which I wasn't at all competent, and I was so much out of patience that I felt tempted to tear it up and put it in the fire.
The subject is a thoroughly scientific one, and should be so dealt with by a scientific man, which I have no claim to be;  or else it should be treated in a popular way by some one thoroughly understanding it  --  and to this I cannot lay claim.  So that you see, I wasn't fit for my job, and I only offered myself in default of anyone else coming forward.  I must, therefore, crave your indulgence, and only hope that if I have raised a single point of interest for either present or future consideration, our meeting to-day won't have been altogether in vain.
to be continued.........................................