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The Paris correspondent gives details of the discovery of the body of the elder KINCK, from which it appears that immediately after the confession of the murderer, an officer of justice was despatched by the authorities to search the spot indicated, which lies in a woody country near Cernay, in Alsace.
The body of the murdered man was found in a wood near the Chateau of Guebwiller.
A swarm of crows were assembled round the corpse, and it was the presence of these ominous birds which directed the searchers to the spot.
The features of the murdered man were not recognisable, having been nearly eaten away, but the clothes and linen were immediately known as those belonging to JEAN KINCK, the stockings being the same colour as those found on the bodies of his murdered family, and which had been knitted by his wife a few months before her murder.
According to the second confession of TROPPMANN, he says he enticed JEAN KINCK to a wineshop near the Mulhouse Railway Station, where he made him half-drunk.
On leaving there, en route for Cernay, KINCK complained of thirst, and TRIPPMANN gave  him a flask of prussic acid for brandy.
KINCK fell down dead at the first drop, and TROPPMANN dragged the body into the wood mentioned, and hid it as well as he could under a pile of stones and leaves.
He then set out for Paris to complete his bloody work by the massacre of the rest of the family.