Between twelve and one o'clock on Monday morning a gamekeeper named JAMES LEYLAND, in the service of LORD SKELMERSDALE, was shot by a gang of poachers.
At the time named, LEYLAND was passing over Hoscar Moss, Lathom, near Ormskirk, when he heard a shot fired.  He at once told his father, who is also a keeper, of the circumstance, and the latter sent for the game watchers, in order to apprehend the poachers.
Before the watchers arrived, young LEYLAND rushed into cover, where he saw three men armed with guns.
He was in the act of seizing one of these men, when the fellow turned round and fired at the keeper, shooting him in the left hand and arm, as well as in the left breast.
The poachers made off, and as the night was dark, they escaped.
LEYLAND's injuries, although severe, are not likely to prove fatal.