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On Saturday night, MR. PLATT, one of the members for Oldham, addressed a meeting in connection with the Working Men's Liberal Association.
In the course of his speech, he said that although a churchman himself, if the Church of England could not live by its own doctrines and creed without the State, it had better die ( Cheers ).
But he believed that with freedom from State control, it would flourish more than at present, because there would be no injustice attached to it with reference to their fellow Christians throughout the country ( Hear, hear ).
The principle that had been laid down in Ireland of perfect equality must spread.  With regard to England, a great deal, of course, would depend upon the Church herself.
The Premier had, as they well knew, been very much censured for an appointment he had lately made.  He was termed a great Puseyite, and declared to be almost half way to Rome during the late election -- in fact, some people went so far as to say that he had been there and made a compact with the Pope  (Laughter).
However, he thought they would not call MR. GLADSTONE a Puseyite since the appointment of DR. TEMPLE to the bishopric of Exeter (Cheers).
Under all the circumstances, he thought they might safely leave the church in the hands of the present Premier  (hear, hear).