.......A SCENE AT ALSTON.
On Friday afternoon last, MR. WILLIAM TAYLOR, solicitor, Hexham, and MR. BELL, Galloway, as the agents of the Countess of Derwentwater, arrived at Alston on a very singular mission.
A sale of valuable property had been advertised to take place on that day in a large room at the Crown Inn, Alston;  and while the sale was proceeding in the afternoon, and the auctioneer was taking the biddings for lot No. 8, the gentlemen referred to, entered the sale room which was much crowded, made their way up to MR. MILLICAN, solicitor of the firm of BAINBRIDGE And MILLICAN, who had the management of the sale, and asked the number of the lot which was then offered for sale.
The question having been answered, MR. TAYLOR, amidst much confusion, was understood to say that on behalf of the Countess, he cautioned the purchasers and forbade any of them to pay any dues or lord's rent, to which the property was liable to the agents of the Greenwich Hospital, but to pay the same to the Countess:  and MR. GALLOWAY commenced to read a protest, but was unable to proceed by reason of the noise and confusion that ensued.
Not being able to procure a hearing the two gentlemen took minutes of the purchases.  At the conclusion of the sale, however, the agents of the Countess requested the solicitors for the vendors to be furnished with the names of the purchasers, which request was refused.
An altercation then ensued, which was attended with no definite result.
There is little doubt, however, that MESSRS. GALLOWAY and TAYLOR would be able before they left town to procure the information they required from other sources....."Newcastle Chronicle".