A DANGEROUS DOG    -  At the Cockermouth Police-court on Monday, HENRY JACKSON, farmer of Papcastle, was charged with having, on the 31st of August, had in his possession a dog which was of a dangerous and ferocious nature.
SUPERINTENDANT TAYLOR stated that in this case, in consequence of complaints made respecting the defendant's dog having bitten a number of children and a woman, he had felt it his duty to take a summons out against JACKSON to take steps to have the dog put under proper control or put down.
MR. BURN, of Cockermouth, appeared for the defence, and contended that the dog was not a ferocious one, and that it was neither necessary to put it down, nor keep it under control.
MARY GREEN proved that whilst the dog was in her house, it had a muzzle on, and as it was coming off she had tried to fasten it when the dog seized her by the cheek, and she had to get hold of it by the neck before it left its hold of her face.
In answer to MR. BURN, witness stated that she did not consider the dog a dangerous one.  The children annoyed the dog very much.  The parents of two children who had also been bitten by the dog, gave evidence of the fact.
Eveidence was called for the defence to the effect that the dog was not dangerous.
The Bench ordered the dog to be kept under control.
ALLEGED ASSAULT.  -  MARY ROE, of Brigham, wife of JAMES ROE, was charged with having, on the 4th of September, assaulted BETSY LOWTHER, wife of JOHN LOWTHER, of Cockermouth.  The case was settled out of court.