ASSAULT ON A GIRL AT KESWICK.  -  At the Keswick Police-court, on Saturday, ANN KNOWLES,   MARY MARK,   and   MARGARET FOSTER, of Keswick, were summoned for having assaulted a girl named GRACE WISE, living in Back-lane Keswick, on Saturday, the 26th of August.
MR. LOWTHIAN appeared for the defence.  It appeared from the evidence of the complainant and her mother that on the date mentioned "POLLY" MARK had gone to the complainant's house and demanded 1s 6d, which she alleged she had lent to complainant's mother.  MRS. WISE denied all knowledge of the money, advising "POLLY" to go home, and she might find the money there.
"POLLY" declined, and said if she could not get her money, she would take it out of GRACE WISE, and immediately set to work with feet and hands to "take it out of complainant".  It was alleged that she was assisted in the "taking out" process by the other defendants.
The defence was that the complainant had been the aggressor, and a witness named JOHN BIGRIGG, clogger, stated that he saw the complainant strike MARGARET with a basket, when FOSTER took the basket from her and struck her with it.
The Bench ordered the defendants to find sureties of £5 each to keep the peace for six months.  An application was made to bind over the complainant also, but this was removed.
THE CONSEQUENCE OF PRACTICAL JOKING  - JOSEPH SPELDING, of Keswick, a young man about 20 years of age, was charged with having assaulted WILLIAM WATSON, a young man of about the same age, on Saturday, the 2nd of September .
In answer to the charge, defendant said, "I did hit him, but he started first."  Complainant stated that he was at the Pack Horse Inn about a quarter past nine last Saturday night when the defendant came in, sat down and fell asleep.
Witness got some water in a glass and put the water on to his face, when defendant got up and never spoke, but got hold of the tongs and struck witness in the face with them, knocking him down insensible.
DR. KING had attended him since.  Defendant said complainant had thrown water on to him, pulled him off the seat, and had kicked him.
Complainant denied this.  JOHN FISHER proved that defendant had "blocked" complainant with the tongs;  and JOHN MOOR stated that there had been no quarrel between the men prior to complainant being knocked senseless on the floor.
The Chairman:   What did he put the water on him for ?
Witness:  To waken him up.  He was asleep.
The Chairman:  Was he sober ?
Witness:  Yes, sir.
The Bench decided to inflict a fine of £2 and costs, and defendant was bound over to keep the peace for six months himself in £10 and two sureties of £5 each.