Dear Public, lend me for a while your ear,
I have a tale to tell, which you must hear;
Be gracious, then, your time I will not waste,
Nor by a word that's false offend your taste.
My subject is not classic, but 'tis better,
Because 'tis true, true to the very letter.
The Poets love to laud the joys of wine,
And rave of Bacchus as a theme divine.
What does he do?  this wild old debauchee,
But rack your brains with pains and misery;
The Cup bearer who better pleases me
Is she who brings the EARLY CUP OF TEA.
But then my tale, I told you I had got one
And you'll be thinking presently there's not one;
I had been suffering, as all mortals must,
Kings, princes, nobles, all are fragile dust;
And when their turn comes, they must suffer too,
And lie awake at nights like me or you.
Slowly the hours dragged their length away
While I lay tossing, longing for the day
Watching in vain for the first beam of light,
Amid the nameless noises of the night.
At last it came, when with sudden shock
There sounded at the door a timid knock.
I could not leap at once from off my bed,
I was too weak, and so I softly said,
"Did anybody knock, may I inquire?
What is the matter, surely 'tis not fire ! "
On no, these words came floating in to me,
"Please may I bring you up a CUP OF TEA ?"
Well, they are simple words, but, on my honour,
I silently but gratefully invoked upon her
A shower of blessings, liberally scattered;
Of course she did not hear them, not that it mattered.
I scarce can tell the boon it was to me,
The welcome comfort of that CUP OF TEA.
Now comes the question, whence comes the supply
Of this most soothing compound - let me try
To guide my neighbours, so that they may test
Its tranquilizing power: 'tis no jest.
"Wilson's Gem Congou" is the Tea we're using,
And after years of cautious choosing
At last we cry "Eureka," yes ! "we have it,:
And now we shall not be in haste to leave it,
Strong, rich, yet soft, the bright brown liquor flows,
Buy it ! and bless the land in which it grows.
"WILSON'S GEM CONGOU".  "TWO AND SIX", you'll see't